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Neighbors Growing Together | Sep 25, 2016


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For sale $125 per full size pick up load delivered. 641-209-2305
;for kids; waterballoon launch, painting, more. Kettlecorn. 2237 Kale Blvd, Fairfield. spunkygoats@gmail.com
Sat. Sept. 24, 9 to 4. Household, toys and misc. 6414726410
Must go to good home. Call 641-919-8920, Brighton area.
With 4-Leaves, $20. Large Thermos Ice Chest, $10. Solid metal folding table, $20. 641-472-5824, Fairfield.
DOT Req. $15-20/hr S.M. Hentges & Sons Inc. F) 952-492-5705 EOE Mailbox@smhentges.com 612-919-2777
between Germanville & 136th street, Germanville Rd. Call Fairfield Ledger to claim. 641-472-4130, Fairfield.

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