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Central Park not picnic area

By Dot Harrison | Sep 08, 2016

To the Editor,

Barb Bloom’s “Why trash our landmark” speaks for all of us who take pride in our Central Park, the hub of our community, a traditionally valuable accommodation for visiting, relaxing, and entertainment, a place for meeting, not dining.

Fairfield offers numerous beautiful parks with tables, benches, facilities, activities, and pleasant surroundings, all carefully maintained by Pam and crew as well as our Central Park.

Now Mr. Halley and his 4th Ward want to transform our park into a picnic area. So some he says sit on blankets to eat; that’s their choice; they’re not complaining.

He’s concerned about an “eyesore,” namely a portable park bench situated in front of a concrete bench.

He suggested permanent tables and chairs, removing shrubs and brick edging. Will he and his ward police and clean up the tables and chairs as well as the littering? Will we expect to see green trash receptacles positioned at the east and west end of the park throughout the summer?

Our Central Park is a treasure to us; it’s a piece of Americana and must not be turned into a picnic area.


– Dot Harrison, Fairfield

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Posted by: Michael Halley | Sep 09, 2016 08:42


Our neighbors to the east and north, Mount Pleasant and Washington, both have had tables on their Central Parks for years without any of the issues you mention (litter, messes around the tables). Their citizens enjoy dining on their Central Parks just as our citizens enjoy dining on ours. Saying that it shouldn't be used that way doesn't change the reality that it is.

No one proposed adding "green trash receptacles" or any additional trash receptacles to Central Park. The reason is simple: with so many people currently (uncomfortably) dining on Central Park the addition of tables won't add to the non-existent litter problem you mention.

Able-bodied people who can easily get up and down from the ground can sit on blankets, but elderly and handicapped individuals cannot. Our community regularly invites people to our square to dine, yet we don't provide them with places to sit. That just doesn't make any sense.

We can do better.

- Michael Halley, city council

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