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Maharishi spoke the truth simply, clearly

By Jim Turner | Sep 01, 2016

To the editor:

Maharishi was able to navigate the question of religion so well it has taken many years for me to understand how he did it. Speaking to the West about spiritual principles and experiences naturally meant that the subject of religion would come up.

Organized religion is a Western concept; you will not find it in India or Asia. It is not even a word you will find in the Bible.

Organized religion is a sacred part of our U.S. Constitution but only with respect to the very important need to have religious freedom in our country. Maharishi was not promoting an organized religion and he was not trying to establish a new religion as an alternative to the religions people already belonged to.

Maharishi was restoring the basis of all religions – contact with higher states of consciousness through the practice of Transcendental Meditation. He knew that the experience of transcendence would enhance religious experience and all that goes with it. It would enhance understanding of the scriptures of every religion and of the teachings of all the masters: Jesus Christ, Mohammed, Buddha and all the others.

The search for God: union with the divine – is the goal of all religions but the search for God is also, importantly, a search for truth.

Maharishi spoke the truth simply and clearly, so even a child could understand. He spoke the truth to everyone, to religious leaders, government officials, to all of us and anyone who cared to listen. He could not, at his level of consciousness, speak untruth. The proof of that statement will come in time – it may take hundreds of years but it will come in time.

One of the most controversial truths Maharishi expressed was that suffering is not necessary, that it is not necessary to suffer to reach enlightenment, know God and/or to experience bliss. It is only necessary to understand that suffering is a choice. That with the knowledge of Transcendental Meditation in the world, no one has to suffer. They can choose to meditate and know that if they suffer it is their choices that made it so. Pain is inevitable but suffering is a choice.

As all of us learn and grow, we do our best to move away from suffering and choose only that which will make us happy. It can and often does take a lot more than just meditating to be happy. It means avoiding anything that is not evolutionary and choosing only that which is good. There is plenty of help in this world for those of us who want to be happy and need help in achieving it.

Maharishi spoke the truth for one other very important reason: he knew it would set us free, free from the idea that we have to suffer in this life, free from the idea that we can never be happy in any lasting way, and free from the idea that the world cannot be peaceful, happy and free.


– Jim Turner, Fairfield

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