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Spanking humbles children

By Dave Ollom | Sep 15, 2016

To the editor:

I am writing this not only as a parent and a grandparent, but also as a very firm believer in the God Almighty and Lord Jesus. Is there a point when it is right to spank our children? Most who know scripture say “yes.” Who knows us humans better than our creator? No one does and to follow the advice of our creator is what is best for the child.

A spanking humbles children and lets them know they are not in control of the situation. I believe this is the reasoning behind the spanking. Spankings are given out of love and should not be considered violent. I remember and always will remember giving my daughter a spanking. She cried in the bedroom and I cried in the living room. She was being very disobedient and that spanking with love turned the situation around.

We owe it to our children to correct them when they do wrong and we owe it to our creator to follow his advice. We can’t depend on others to do our job and that includes the teachers. Their job is to pass on information and educate them. If the parents do not do their job, then shouldn’t the responsibility be put back on the parent by sending the child home? I’m speaking here of mostly violent behavior, and of course, bullying. Just something to think about and if all parents follow the advice of the God Almighty wouldn’t this be a better world? May the God Almighty and Lord Jesus bless us all.

I am going to write what just came to my mind and I know it is more advice from the heavens above. If a parent refuses to do [his or her] job and violent bullying continues, shouldn’t the parent be held legally responsible? This type of action taken against the parent will open the eyes of the child to how important good behavior is, and do the same for the parent.

As Barney Fife from the Andy Griffith show would say, “Let’s nip this in the bud!” Behaved children equals behaved adults. Maybe Iowa could be the first to implement this advice, and this advice will be proved very effective and good and successful. The answer to a successful life and heaven is not violence; it’s brotherly love! These bullies are taking away from their victims their right to their pursuit of happiness, and that is definitely illegal!


– Dave Ollom, Fairfield


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