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Vote Donald Trump on Nov. 8

By Marshan Roth | Sep 08, 2016

To the editor:

Every election determines the future of our country and the welfare of us, its people.

The use of executive power, the mandates and directives for good or ill as the Democrat administration has used and will continue to expand upon, bypassing the balance of powers our Founding Fathers planned for. Numerous nominations and appointments are to be made such as judges including possibly four to the Supreme Court which will further turn the balance against our Constitutional heritage.

Historically, the Democrat party has supported slavery, the welfare state, higher taxes and government control. Our national debt is skyrocketing, almost doubled and approaching $21 trillion! The interest alone will exceed the national budget. These days, the Democrat party is radically progressive on so many fronts including support of One World policies.

The Democrat administration's weakness in foreign policy is reflected in yesterdays obvious snubs and discourtesies to our president in China and the Philippines. Have we lost our respectability as a global leader?

All of these have changed our country for the future and our expectations for that future.

But are we accepting this future?

Are we accepting the honesty, trustworthiness and credibility the scandals, corruption and possible criminality of the Democrat candidate? These must be questioned for our future as the United States of America.

There is an option.

As the Republican candidate, Donald Trump is demonstrating his abilities and potential as an astute manager to command, negotiate, and is gathering good and knowledgeable people to support him. His choice of Mike Pence, Governor of Indiana, is an ideal choice as Vice President. All to make America strong, safe and great again.

Key issues this election are the economy, jobs, law and order, immigration, education, healthcare, rebuilding our military, attending to the needs and care of our veterans, and the sovereignty as a nation. Trump has pledged to uphold the Constitution of our country; a smaller government bureaucracy, "by, of and for the people,” with more local control, lower taxes and reducing regulations that stifle business and the economy.

Off the stage, Donald Trump is a good father, having the respect of not only his children and family but that of his employees of all races and stations. He is a manager who is often seen on the job site, not behind his desk. He has brought up his children to respect hard work and working hands. His wife and children will be a credit to our nation as the next First Family.

He has personally shown his generosity and kindness to many with his foundation supporting St. Jude's Children's Hospital and many acts of kindness and generosity to other charities and families. As has been said, "Judge a man by his deeds."

Every vote counts in this most crucial of elections! Make yours count for the survival, welfare and growth of all to "Make America Strong, Safe and Great Again!


– Marshan Roth, Fairfield

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Posted by: Glen Joseph Peiffer | Sep 10, 2016 02:52

President Obama asked the question in Elkhart, Indiana, "How is Donald Trump going to bring jobs back to the United States?" 


"We’re all familiar with the term “The value of a dollar,” right? Did you know that dividend tax rates in the U.S. rose from nearly 15% to almost as high as 43.4% in 2013. In China, dividend tax rates were set to fall from 10% to 5% that same year. A statistic like that makes you wonder where and what economy, an investor looking to make the most on the dollar will invest their money, doesn’t it? What if this trend continues and affects the USA exponentially for years to come?for years or even decades to come? Don’t take the concept of a strong America for granted.


President Obama's 2013 budget is the gift that keeps on giving—to government. One buried surprise is his proposal to triple the tax rate on corporate dividends, which believe it or not is higher than in his previous budgets.

Mr. Obama is proposing to raise the dividend tax rate to the higher personal income tax rate of 39.6% that will kick in next year. Add in the planned phase-out of deductions and exemptions, and the rate hits 41%. Then add the 3.8% investment tax surcharge in ObamaCare, and the new dividend tax rate in 2013 would be 44.8%—nearly three times today's 15% rate.

Keep in mind that dividends are paid to shareholders only after the corporation pays taxes on its profits. So assuming a maximum 35% corporate tax rate and a 44.8% dividend tax, the total tax on corporate earnings passed through as dividends would be 64.1%.

Posted by: Glen Joseph Peiffer | Sep 12, 2016 12:49
Posted by: Glen Joseph Peiffer | Sep 12, 2016 16:28
Posted by: Glen Joseph Peiffer | Sep 19, 2016 17:13
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