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FMS students rewarded for behavior

Oct 01, 2013

Fairfield Middle School officials have announced the winners of its Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports program drawing for September.

The fifth-grade winners were: Samara McLain. Nathan Whitney, R.J. Hawkins, Jeremy Crile, Kordy Taylor, Paige Droz, Adrian Paul, Laila Henaghan, Mitchell Thacker, Julie Johannes, Christina Winland, Alex Forrest, Blair Grunwald, Brad Smithburg and Tommy Jones.

The sixth-grade winners were: Anthony Osborn, Katie McLain, Kashia Brombaugh, Maxx Anderson, Ahillan Kumar, Tate Jordan, Carter Dehl, Averi Henderson, Isabel Allen, Marissa Rupe, Mark Adler, Noel Petersen, Konnor Burkhart, Raven Steele and Javier Lopez.

The seventh-grade winners were: Wesley Polson, Sage Crandall, Rhylie Lisk, Clinton Morrison, Terrin Frick, Matthew Studt, Brian Parcell, Mark Diers, Danae Drish, Olivia Roberts, Madison Kraemer, Lucy Godinez and Andrew Peiffer.

The eight-grade winners were: Phoenix Haessler, Clayton Garrison, Dakota Wadhams, John Scantling, Austin Greenhaw, Aaron Haines, Darren Roberts and Mitchel Melvin.

FMS school counselor Molly Mosinski explained PBIS is a system for creating safe and effective schools. For it to be successful, students must be taught appropriate behavior in all school settings. The big picture is all students gain academic and social success by creating a positive learning environment.

“Around our school and in our classrooms, we have a Trojan PRIDE matrix, which specifically outlines eight different environments in our school,” explained Mosinski. “These environments include: classroom, bathroom, hallway, lunchroom, recess, bus, extra-curricular activities and before/after school.

“In the spring of 2010, our teacher leadership group adopted the acronym PRIDE, as each letter stood for something important,” she continued.

• Prepared (Prepared for class-proper materials and positive attitude)

• Respect (Respect for yourself, your classmates, and adults, and treat others the way you would want to be treated)

• Integrity (Do the right thing, even if no one is watching)

• Dependable (Can we count on you?)

• Environmentally Aware/Safe (Take care of your school!)

“We want our kids to show Trojan PRIDE,” said Mosinski. “At the beginning of each school year, we teach our expectations to our students, so everything is clear and understood. Our students have helped make YouTube videos, and done skits to help us teach the concepts.”

To reward positive behavior, the FMS staff has tickets to give to students “caught doing something above and beyond” or “consistently performing Trojan PRIDE in their daily life.”

When a student receives a ticket from a staff member, they are to put their name on it, and drop it in their appropriate grade-level bucket in the middle school office. At the end of the month, a drawing is held and students have a chance to win prizes.

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