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2018 Greater Jefferson County Foundation scholarship application deadline March 15

Jan 25, 2018

The deadline for Greater Jefferson County Foundation scholarship applications is March 15.

Most applications can be found on the Fairfield High School website, or hard copies in the FHS counselor’s office.

Scholarships are judged by FHS teachers and principals, donors and the GJCF Scholarship Committee according to the criteria of the scholarship.

The majority of scholarship amounts range from $500 to $1,000, with some at $5,000. With the exception of the renewable and teacher scholarships, all scholarships are for the freshman college term only. Scholarship checks are mailed directly to the college or university, following completion of paperwork returned to the GJCF office.

Following graduation ceremonies, scholarship recipients and their families, along with scholarship donors, are invited to an annual Scholarship Appreciation Picnic at Jefferson County Park. Donors meet their scholarship recipient and past year’s graduates offer advice to help make freshman year at college a little easier.

The purpose of the GJCF is to act as a vehicle for individuals or businesses to donate funds to a tax-exempt organization that is concerned with the development of progress and enhancement of existing programs and activities in Jefferson County.

The website for GJCF is www.greaterjeffersoncountyfoundation.org. The email is gjcf0758@windstream.net, and the phone number is 472-0758.


Foundation scholarships

• Everett & Ella Adrian, 1992: This is a Catholic parish scholarship via St. Mary (Fairfield), SS Joseph/Cabrini (Richland/Pleasant Plain) and Holy Trinity (Keota) parishes. It is a 30-year scholarship ending in 2021. Mrs. Adrian established this in memory of her husband, and her own teaching career which began in 1922 and ended when she retired in 1972 as a teacher at Fairfield Middle School. The scholarship is to go to one graduating senior from each of the above mentioned parishes.

• Sherry A. Champ, 1997: Sherry Champ, an FHS graduate, was a nurse at Jefferson County Hospital for over 25 years. She was dedicated to the nursing profession and attained very high status at the hospital. Her family wished to provide an ongoing scholarship for a graduating high school senior from Jefferson County area schools. The scholarship is to go to a student pursuing a career in the medical field: Medicine, health services, health occupation; general medicine or veterinary medicine.

• Pete & Fern Crafton Scholarship, 2010: The Craftons lived in Fairfield and Jefferson County. Fern was raised on a farm in Glasgow, worked at Louden Machinery Company and was a homemaker. Pete worked 51 years at Fairfield Line. The scholarship is for a graduating senior attending a university, college, community college or technical school outside the county and is based on need. The attitude and motivation of the student and the ability for them to achieve success in their chosen field of advanced education also is considered. This is an open four-year renewable scholarship.

• Andrew & Dorothy Pohren Crile, 2006: The Criles lived all their life in Jefferson County and were successful farmers who enjoyed working with young people and were involved with 4-H clubs for many years. Their daughter Betty taught elementary school for 30 years and was very interested in education. The student must show the ability to succeed at the college level and show a need for the funds. The scholarship can be renewed for four years provided the recipient maintains a 2.5 grade average as a full-time student at college or university.

• The Dexter Company: The Dexter Company has provided pass-through scholarships to GJCF. The scholarships go directly to high school graduating seniors who have a parent who works for Dexter. These are open scholarships.

• The Crystal Group: In 2014, The Crystal Group of Cambridge began its pass-through scholarships to GJCF. The scholarships are provided by Cambridge to the children of their employees.

• Fairfield Alumni, 1990: The scholarship is to assist a graduating senior in meeting financial needs while pursuing a higher education. It is presented annually based on need, citizenship and academic standing. It is an open scholarship, not limited to any one discipline.

• Roman & Evelyn Gevock, 2010: The scholarship was begun by Roman and his family after Evelyn’s death, and then turned over to the foundation following Roman’s death in July 2010. Both Roman and Evelyn were teachers of life to their children and their families, and were the best of friends to their community. Evelyn was an elementary educator for 30 years and Roman a successful Jefferson County farmer. They were active and took leading roles in their church and community. Priority is given to student going into the education or medical field. The scholarship is awarded based on financial need, not necessarily grade-point average.

• John Jackson Instrumental Music: John Jackson was a long-time businessman in Jefferson County. He was a member of the 34th Army National Guard Band for 50 years and played in many dance bands. The scholarship has been established to help a current FHS graduate attend a college or university of their choice to major in instrumental music and participate in marching band or concert band at the postsecondary level. Two scholarships are awarded annually.

• Jefferson County Pork Producers, 1993: Jefferson County Pork Producers began this scholarship. Any graduating student who resides in Jefferson County and is pursuing a career in ag-related field or business can apply.

• Scott Jordan Memorial Scholarship, 1997: Mr. Jordan was born and raised in Fairfield, the fourth generation of his family in the community. The family was always interested in community service. They were actively involved in religious, educational and financial institutions and other aspects of quality community life. Jordan had a 50-year career as an attorney. It was his wish to assist deserving students in fulfilling their higher education goals. The scholarship is available to those who excelled in the areas of attitude, motivation and ability to succeed.

• Roanne Larson Nursing Scholarship: Roanne Lamansky Larson was a dedicated wife, mother and nurse in the Fairfield community. Although intended to be just a two-year offering, the scholarship will be offered until funding is completed and will be offered to one FHS graduating senior attending a nursing school and a current nurse who is applying for an RN.

• Medical Scholarship, 1997: A long-time resident presented this anonymously to the GJCF. The scholarship is an ongoing commitment to a FHS graduate who has shown an interest in the field of medicine or health occupations.

• Leo L. and Marion M. Nady Ag/Business Memorial Scholarship, 1993: Given by their children, both Mr. and Mrs. Nady were lifelong residents of Jefferson County. For many years, they owned and operated a farm adjacent to Fairfield. They were active church members, interested in antique furniture and music. The scholarship is to be used in the field of agriculture or business.

• Leona Nady Music Memorial Scholarship, 1992: Miss Nady was born in Jefferson County and graduated from FHS in 1922. She received a Bachelor of Music from Parsons College with special areas of studies, including music and organ. The scholarship was established to acknowlodge her deep love of music and even deeper interest in helping young people.

• Nellie T. Neff Memorial Scholarship, 1994: Mrs. Neff was a physical education instructor in the Cleveland, Ohio, public schools for 14 years. She married Julius C. Neff in 1945 and developed a love of gardening and horticulture. The scholarship assists students going into the field of physical education, horticulture or biology.

• Ralph Perry Trust Memorial Scholarships, 2002: Mr. Perry was a longtime businessman and community leader. He and his wife had one daughter, Mary Ann. When Mary Ann died, Mr. Perry decided to leave his entire estate to the GJCF to provide scholarships to FHS graduating seniors. The scholarship is based on financial need and factors indicating the recipient’s promise in pursuing further education or training, including but not limited to, scholastic performance and vocational preferences.

• Grace Roberts Nursing Scholarship, 2008: Grace Roberts graduated from FHS in 1927 and St. Joseph Hospital School of Nursing in Ottumwa in 1930. She worked at St. Joseph Hospital in the early 1930s and a nurse at Van Buren County Hospital from 1955-71 when she retired. She died in 2006, but it was her desire to help students wishing to pursue a career in the field of nursing with this annual scholarship.

• Hazel Scovel Samuelson Memorial Scholarship, 1988: Mrs. Samuelson was a longtime employee of the Jefferson County Superintendent’s Office. The scholarship was established by her sister in 1988, the first of GJCF’s scholarships, in order to assist graduating students in the fields of teaching, other than coaching and P.E.

• The Sellars Scholarships, 2012: Jack and Ruth Sellars died within three weeks of each other after 70 years of marriage. They had no children. Jack worked at Dexter for 30 years. Ruth was a longtime legal secretary for the Scott Jordan law firm. Their community involvement centered First United Methodist Church, Fairfield Lions Club, TTT, and more. Because of their bequest to GJCF, there are a total of three scholarships offered annually: two scholarships named the Jack Sellars Career/Tech Scholarship and the Ruth Sellars Open Scholarship.

• Jeanne Thoma Memorial Scholarship, 2008: A graduate of University of Iowa, Jeanne Thoma came to Fairfield in 1929 to teach math and English. Following the death of her husband in 1959, she returned to FHS where she was a guidance counselor until she retired in 1973. She encouraged students to pursue their educations beyond high school and was instrumental in helping many receive scholarships. Jeanne was active in the Fairfield community. The scholarship has been established to help a current FHS graduate attend a college, university, or trade school of their choice to obtain the necessary education to meet their career goals. Factors considered in determining the recipient include: GPA, need and participation in school, community, and church activities. Greatest consideration is given to the student’s academic ability to complete an educational program beyond high school and their financial ability to pay for continuing education.

• Karlena “Dub” Thoma Scholarship, 1998: Dub was born and raised in Fairfield, graduating from FHS in 1936 and Parsons College in 1940. She was a high school math teacher on both the east and west coasts before returning to Fairfield to create the Gamrath and Thoma insurance agency in 1947. In 1970, she sold her interest in the agency and moved to Portland, Oregon, to pursue other business opportunities. The scholarship was created by Margaret M. Henderson to honor her friend. It is awarded to a FHS student with strong math skills attending a four-year college to pursue a career of math or related field and having a strong sense of and a commitment to community service.

• Thoma-Williamson Educational Scholarship, 1996: When Wilhelmina Thoma Williamson died, her husband, S.R. “Bob” Williamson and her children chose to create a scholarship honoring their Thoma and Williamson heritage. From the early 1900s, the two families have demonstrated their commitment to education and community service. The scholarship is for graduates of FHS who reside in Jefferson County. The criteria for eligibility follows the examples set by members of these families: the recipient must be a graduating senior of FHS who shows the ability to succeed at the college level, demonstrates a sense of and commitment to community involvement using his or her talents and abilities for the benefit of, or to provide enjoyment to, others. This is a renewable four-year scholarship ending in 2021.

• Robert Wiseman Memorial Scholarship, 2002: This scholarship was created by Anna Wiseman in memory of her husband. Bob was a great fan of FHS Trojan wrestling so this scholarship goes to a graduating FHS senior who has participated in varsity wrestling at FHS.

• Mary Witkosky Scholarship, 1983-1997: Originally administered by Mildred Hoover following Miss Witkosky’s death in 1983, and then transferred to GJCF in 1997. Miss Witkosky taught junior high math from 1949-1971. The scholarship focuses on the recipient’s interest in math/science exclusively.

• Zillman Scholarship 1999: Carl and Mary Zillman were lifelong proponents of conservation. Carl was as a charter member of the Jefferson County Conservation Board in 1975. The scholarship will assist a FHS graduating senior in advancing their education in the field of conservation, wildlife management or a related field.


Faculty scholarships

• Turner Teaching Scholarship, 2012: Harold and Catherine Turner lived full lives dedicated to education. While Harold pursued his Bachelor, Master and Doctorate degrees, Catherine supported his efforts, typed his papers and worked a variety of jobs. She retired in 1982 after 17 years at Monsanto. Mr. Turner began his professional career in 1956, and worked at several schools before retiring in 1985 from University of St. Louis. The scholarship is for FHS faculty enrolled in a directed program to complete an advanced degree in the field of education.

• Jim Leyden Memorial Teaching Scholarship, 2004: Jim “Lefty” Leyden was a Fairfield resident and a 30-year elementary teacher in the Ottumwa school district. His family established a scholarship through GJCF in his name designed to help any certified staff employee of the Fairfield school district pursue a master’s degree and will assist with tuition payment, with special consideration to applicants with a family.

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