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Parents question safety of Libertyville students

By VICKI TILLIS, Ledger news editor | Jul 12, 2010

Several parents of Libertyville Elementary School students addressed the Fairfield school board about the safety of their children after an incident that occurred at the building June 10.

The incident centers on a parent who allegedly came to the school several times the morning of June 10, whose actions prompted doors to be locked and window shades to be closed.

“I was there Thursday, and I got in on all the fun,” said parent Megan Smithburg, who arrived at the school and had to be let in through the locked doors.

“Sue [McCracken, the principal] wasn’t there. Don [Achelpohl, the superintendent] wasn’t there. The secretary said the building was on lockdown,” said Smithburg. “No principal, no superintendent, no police — he’d been there three times. I felt my building and my children had been abandoned.”

Smithburg ate lunch with her sons, and then, after students went outside for their noon recess, she decided to take her children home for the rest of the day.

“I assumed we’d be notified later, but we heard nothing,” she said.

Smithburg said she felt better when she took her sons to school the next day because Achelpohl and law enforcement officers were present, but she continues to worry about why the students were allowed outside for lunch and why all parents weren’t notified about the incident; only some parents received a letter.

“Why was this individual not arrested for the lockdown at Libertyville? Why were parents not contacted?” asked parent Tammy Neff.

“I don’t know if you know how dangerous this man is,” she continued, quoting legal documents about prior incidents. “What will it take for the school to step in? … I don’t feel the board has taken any action.”

For the complete article, see the Tuesday, July 13, 2010, printed edition of The Fairfield Ledger.

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