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Youngsters learn about energy conservation at assembly

By DIANE VANCE | Jan 29, 2013
Photo by: DIANE VANCE/Ledger photo Pence Elementary School students, from left, Laney Norris, Ella Welch, Luis Zarate and Madelyn Jones help hand out Alliant Energy pack backs to all Pence students after a Monday assembly to kick off an energy-saving initiative at the school. 

Pence Elementary School students were energized at Monday’s assembly to take part in a school wide program with a goal to save 2,577 kilowatts of electricity throughout the remainder of the school year.

Fairfield’s “Go Green” Iowa State Extension specialist for sustainability, Scott Timm, talked with the assembled students, asking if someone could describe a kilowatt, asking what saving energy means and why it might be important.

Timm also described a kilowatt.

“You know about measuring in inches or feet and measuring in ounces or cups, well a kilowatt is how electrical use is measured,” he said. “One light bulb left on for 10 hours uses 1 kilowatt of electricity.

“So, you have a big job to save 2,577 kilowatts for the rest of the year.”

He invited students to think about how trees might help with energy use and pointed out trees can create shade to reduce heat or shield from snow and wind — and in turn make temperatures more comfortable and reduce the need for high energy use.

Fairfield Mayor Ed Malloy also addressed the assembly, telling students the school’s efforts are a part of the bigger picture of the town’s efforts to be more energy efficient and sustainable.

“How are you going to help save energy?” Timm asked the assembled students.

“You will have ‘Power Teams’ that can remind everyone in a nice way to turn off lights when they are not needed this first month.

“We have stickers from Alliant Energy, and the Power Team members will notice when walking round the school if someone remembered to turn off lights. A team member can leave a green sticker or a red sticker.”

The green stickers say, “Good Job!” and the red stickers say “oops” with a reminder about saving energy.

Timm said he would return to Pence in the coming months to introduce a few more projects, including planting trees.

“We also have a bag with ideas and tips for saving energy you can take home and talk about with your family,” said Timm. “And you can make a pledge to reduce energy use and save natural resources.”

Principal Chris Welch introduced the first month’s “Power Team,” with two or three students selected from each grade level kindergarten through fourth.

“Next month, we will choose Power Team members from the students having the most Trojan Traits tickets,” said Welch. “And each month, I will announce how we are doing toward our big goal to save 2,577 kilowatts.”

This first Power Team members lined up at the gym’s exit doors and handed out the Alliant Energy backpacks to each student as they returned to class.



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