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Advertising frenzy clouds real issues

By Jo Ann Crouch | Oct 25, 2012

To the editor:

Deciding on a candidate to vote for may be overwhelming because of biased advertising and the intensity of the election. I decided to research everything and have focused on topics not specifically named in campaign advertising. I always look for original sources so I’ve gone to each of the presidential candidates websites to get to know them in their own words. I’ve also gone to the Democratic and Republican 2012 platform pages and the two Ryan Budget proposals. In each of these resources I had to target just a few issues because they are so long. Here are some interesting things I found in this and other research.

In Ryan’s budget, he does call for 554 billion dollars increase in defense spending.

I’ve also looked up tax rate reduction for the Bush tax cuts and found out that there were two, one in 2001 and another in 2003, and the highest earners received four times the percentage tax break as the lowest earners. I wondered if this is why those tax cuts were said to be “for the rich.”

I looked up Social Security/Medicare/Medicaid and found out that it’s all in a trust that’s not supposed to be considered in the National Budget. I wasn’t able to find out why everyone in both parties talks about it as part of the budget. I also found the legislation for Social Security was one of the biggest deterrents to poverty in our history as so many older Americans were destitute in the latter days of their lives. It seems more like an auto insurance policy where you pay into it monthly but only some people get to make claims. The trust invests in treasuries which are essentially loans to the U.S. Government.

I took a look at information on the auto rescue and found the auto union was included in the restructuring because they provided financial support by reducing salaries and taking on pensioners health care plans. The other important decision the auto makers had to make was to reduce the fuel consumption of the cars to get the loans from the government.

If you go for odd pieces of information that would be pertinent to the elections you can find out all sorts of things. These are just a few things I’ve come across but I feel I’ve been more educated and am less dependent on the frenzy of advertising that characterizes our daily life around election time.


— Jo Ann Crouch, Fairfield

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