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Advice for RAGBRAI Friday

Jul 24, 2013

Fairfield Police Chief and Ride Right Committee member Julie Harvey has issued the following directives for Fairfield residents – particularly those living along the bike route – to follow when RAGBRAI comes to town Friday.

There are more than 25,000 cyclists and support crew members expected to arrive in Fairfield that day. Citizens may have difficulty entering and/or crossing roads. Harvey is asking that residents limit automobile use on marked bicycle routes. If parking along a bike route, use caution when opening car doors. Also, keep the right side of the road clear of objects and debris.

While RAGBRAI is an opportunity for fun and fellowship, Fairfield residents should be mindful of the following to ensure RAGBRAI is safe and to prevent accidents and injuries:

• Property owners can be held liable if a rider is hurt on your estate.

• All food and drink stands should be held on the right side of the road for safety. This way, cyclists don’t have to cross in front of oncoming traffic to reach the stand.

• Anyone selling refreshments must contact the State Department of Inspection and Appeals in advance to ensure compliance with food and beverage laws.

• If setting up a food/beverage stand, be aware that that cyclists will not stop at the bottom of a hill for refreshments.

• Young cyclists may want to follow along with RAGBRAI riders; however, this is dangerous and should not be permitted. Citizens are asked to keep children away from the road where cyclists are riding.

• For the safety of pets and riders, homeowners are asked to keep pets and other animals penned or leashed during RAGBRAI

• Do not spray riders with water. Many ride with expensive electronic equipment that can be damaged by water. Water also can ruin riders’ supplies.

• Do not hand anything to riders. Also, do not attempt to high-five riders.

• While the official RAGBRAI route closes at 6 p.m., there may be a few stragglers. Watch for them on the road; their safety is paramount.

Many towns along the route are planning special events July 26. Harvey said Fairfield residents should consider going to a route town to participate in organized events.

“We want to make this a fun and safe event,” Harvey said.

For more information, contact Harvey at the Jefferson County Law Center at 641-472-4146 or reach her by email at jharvey@jeffersoncoiowa.com.

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