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All-GTNS: Mickey DeAngelis

Mar 28, 2014
Maharishi School senior Mickey DeAngelis

MAHARISHI SCHOOL, FAIRFIELD – If I were to grade my schooling experience, I would give it an A. I have had an amazing experience with my whole career at Maharishi School. The people there are my family and have treated me as such.

The challenge of today’s educational system is the lack of personal development that goes along with the knowledge we gain. If we had more ways to explore ourselves before choosing a career path, we could understand what we love and how to excel at it. The great thing about the system today is that we have ways to get a taste of things we wouldn’t normally try; many students find a passion for something because of a mandatory class that they are reluctant to try.

My teacher Mr. Jones helped shape my experience in a dramatic way, because he was very clear, straight forward, and practical about what he taught. He taught me to be who I am even if my opinions are unpopular and to always find things out for myself and not believe everything I hear. He believed in me and would always have time to talk about any issue I had, school related or not.

I feel the most important lesson I learned is how to talk and communicate with anyone I need to. This has been emphasized at Maharishi School through presentations and projects that required me to get up in front of a group of 20 or more students and say my piece. I will continue to use this when I get older, whether it be a presentation at the University of Iowa or a business meeting in the near future.

One of my fondest memories of high school is when my entire class comes together for a common goal, whether it be a song that we sing, or the ability to put on an extravaganza with my 30 classmates at the Sondheim Center. The latter was an experience where everyone resisted at first, but after the last one we all were celebrating the success and the newfound class bond.

The differences in me now from when I was a freshman are substantial. I have grown and become a man who knows himself. I created my personality and found some of my passions. I stand up for what I believe in and I have my own opinions. When I was a freshman I had a certain air about me, which was uncertain and a follower. I have grown to be a leader and a man of my beliefs.

I attribute most of my amazing qualities to my dad, my idol, my inspiration. He showed me I can be generous and loving, as well as get what I need. He showed me that through caring and passion I can create an atmosphere where people will want to be around me and want to give me opportunities I never thought possible.


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