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All-GTNS: Tiana Slaney

Mar 28, 2014
Pekin senior Tiana Slaney

PACKWOOD — Graduating senior Tiana Slaney is giving her education from Pekin High School an A.

"We have teachers and faculty that are dedicated to the students and do their best to ensure we receive the best education possible," said Slaney. "We are challenged to reach our full potential and are prepared for the next level."

Slaney feels today's education system is highly focused on preparing students for the next level of education, "which is extremely important."

"Teachers of today also do a wonderful job of teaching students not only lessons they'll use in the classroom, but also lessons they will use in their lives," said Slaney.

The person who has had a positive impact on Slaney's high school career is the Pekin High School counselor Tim Bartels.

"He helped me select the classes that would most benefit me," she explained. "And he also was very influential in narrowing down my college options."

Slaney narrowed her college options down to attending Southern Illinois University to study business and pre-law and then attending a law school to become a prosecutor.

"Not only has [Bartles] helped me, but he shows that he genuinely cares about each and every student at our school," she continued.

Slaney said time management is a lesson or skill she has learned throughout her school career.

"I never realized how important it is until I was balancing activities and schoolwork," she said

"This [time management] skill will assist me tremendously in college and law school while studying and also in my future career when I will have multiple tasks that need to be finished," said Slaney.

"I will never forget the experienced I have had while participating in sports," she continued. "My teammates throughout the years have meant the world to me, and I wouldn't be the same person I am without them. I have learned so many life lessons through sports that just can't be taught in class."

One piece of advice Slaney would pass along to those going into high school is to get involved.

"Try out new things evenif you've never done it before," she said. "You don't know if you like it or not until you try it. High school is so much more enjoyable when you have activies to participate in."

Slaney said her parents have had the most influence on her life and education.

"They have always supported me in anything I wanted to do, and I know they will continue to support me in my future ambitions," she said. "They are constantly encouraging me to strive to reach my full potential. I will be forever grateful to my parents for everything they have taught me."

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