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Amazed what we learned in ‘Life Before Fairfield’

By Aleta Mottet | Sep 28, 2017

To the editor:

Last Thursday evening, a wonderful film “Life Before Fairfield” was shown free of charge at the Sondheim Theater. It is the first film in the Fairfield History Series produced by Dick DeAngelis.

There were numerous people in the community and outside it involved in this first film including FPAC-9 director Jason Strong, head of the University of Iowa Office of the State Archaeologist and the Chief of the Meskwaki Tribe at Tama.

It was so interesting to learn what types of animals and native people roamed the land many thousands of years ago. I would like to encourage the teachers in our school system to show this film or parts of the film to their students.

We are losing so much of our history and it’s nice that there are people in our community working to preserve that history on film. To be enjoyed by generation after generation long after we are gone.

I know the students would be fascinated by the prehistoric animals and the native tribes who were here many thousands of years before any of us inhabited Jefferson County.

There were so many positive comments from the audience. I think everyone was amazed at the things they learned about Fairfield. I know we were.

If you did not have a chance to view this amazing film, go to www.fairfieldhistoryseries.com and take a look into our past.

Second in the series will be “Heroes of Fairfield” and believe me, there are going to be some fascinating people to hear about in this film.


— Aleta Mottet, Fairfield

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