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Aquatic center vending machines earn award

Patrons who choose an item from the yellow or green categories can enter a drawing for a prize.
May 28, 2013

The vending machines in the Roosevelt Aquatic Center lobby earned a Silver Nutritional Environment Measurement Award, which means at least half of the items meet recommended criteria for healthy food choices based on the Institute of Medicine Nutrition Standards for Foods in Schools.

The park and rec improved the nutritional quality of food and beverages available in the vending machines at the indoor pool with the help of Nutritional Environment Measures Survey - Vending.

The vending items have been marked with red, yellow or green colors that mark how much the item complies with the healthy standards:

• Red: Not as healthy. Falls outside the Dietary Guidelines for Americans. Examples: Pop, chips, candy.

• Yellow: Healthy foods that meet the Dietary Guidelines, but do not provide a serving of fruit, vegetable, low-fat dairy or whole grain. Examples: Baked chips, some bars, diet pop.

• Green: Considered the healthiest. Consistent with the Dietary Guidelines for Americans and provide a serving of fruit, vegetable, low-fat dairy or whole grain. Example: Bottled water.

When patrons choose an item in the yellow or green category, they can enter a drawing for a Fairfield Park and Recreation logo portable chair. Each eligible item has a special NEMS-V sticker that can be removed, attached to an entry form and placed in the drawing.

“At Fairfield Park and Recreation, our goal is to help everyone live a healthy lifestyle,” said Derik Wulfekuhle, director. “Eating right and staying active are important for good health. Fairfield is a Blue Zones demonstration city, so we are offering better nutrition and opportunities to get fit and stay healthy.”

The NEMS-V program is available to virtually any organization that has vending machines and would like to offer healthier choices. Its website is www.nems-v.com.

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