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Neighbors Growing Together | Sep 22, 2018

Area track teams converge in Mt. Pleasant

By Justin Webster | Apr 13, 2018
Photo by: GTNS photo Four runners approach the line in a photo finish during the 800-meter run. From left to right are Mid-Prairie’s Marshal Teets, Mt. Pleasant’s Kyle Vanderham, Mt. Pleasant’s Jacob Stukerjurgen and Pekin’s Chandler Eckley. Eckley won the race in a time 2:04.88.

The Fairfield boys’ track team competed with 23 other area high schools in the 2018 Denny White Relays at Mt. Pleasant Thursday night, including Cardinal, Pekin and Van Buren.

Pekin finished second overall, just five points behind the host Panthers, with Cardinal finishing 11th, Fairfield 20th and Van Buren 24th, just behind Keokuk.


Team standings

1 Mt. Pleasant 158.50

2 Pekin 153.50

3 CCA 106

4 Wapello 105.50

5 Mediapolis 92

6 Marion 82

7 Mid-Prairie 80

8 IC Liberty 70.50

9 W. Burlington ND 68

10 Lone Tree 63.50

11 Cardinal 61.50

12 Washington 54

13 New London 50

14 Central Lee 48.50

15 Centerville 42

16 Mt. Pleasant JV 38

17 Winfield-Mt. U 37.50

18 Fort Madison 35

19 Louisa-Muscatine 31

20 Fairfield 30

21 WACO 25

22 Danville 17

23 Keokuk 13

24 Van Buren 11


800 Sprint Medley Class “A”

9th Fairfield 1:45.25

Kosta Papazogolou, Tyler Palmer, Connor Ryan and Drew Martin


800 Sprint Medley Class “B”

2nd Pekin 1:36.91

Kennan Winn, Dayne Eckley, Monico Requena and Levi Long

3rd Cardinal 1:38.77

Colby Aschenbrenner, Jarrett Greiner, Mason Aschenbrenner and Gabe Reye

11th Van Buren 1:48.71

Donny Roberts, Bryson Mineart, Caleb Stoltz and Quentin Story


3200 Meter Run

Class A

9th Aiden Daugherty, Fairfield 12:00.35

10th Bryan Wilkins, Fairfield 12:11.27


3200 Meter Run

Class B

1st Brady Millikin, Pekin 10:45.77

6th Michael Cui, Cardinal 12:39.20

8th Colten Glosser, Pekin 13:32.54


4x800 Meter Relay Class A

7th Fairfield 9:04.93

Alex Forrest, Mark Diers, Kevin Kretz and Dalton Rippey


4x800 Meter Relay Class B

1st Pekin 8:06.57

Chandler Eckley, Sam Roth, Cameron Millikin and Isaiah Whittrock

5th Van Buren 10:12.81

Andrew Fitzsimmons, Adam Smith, Issac Caston and Daniel Downey

7th Cardinal 11:32.79

Austin Porter, Gunner Zugg, Tony Castle and Adyal Broyles


4x110 Meter Shuttle Hurdle Class B

1st Pekin 1:05.25

Michael Jones, Quinn Ledger, Jordon Hixson and Cole Earnest

4th Van Buren 1:08.63

Donny Roberts, Bryson Mineart, Austin Denney and Andrew Fitzsimmons


100 Meter Dash

Class A

16th Tyler Palmer, Fairfield 12.77

21st Jonah Cooper, Fairfield 13.28


100 Meter Dash

Class B

1st Monico Requena Pekin 11.31

3rd Mason Aschenbrenner, Cardinal 11.55

4th Colby Aschenbrenner, Cardinal 11.60

9th Donny Roberts, Van Buren 12.20

13th Caleb Stoltz Van Buren 12.52


Distance Medley

Class A

4th Fairfield 4:00.89

Kosta Papazogolou, Drew Martin, Payton Cline and Alex Forrest

Distance Medley

Class B

2nd Pekin 3:45.97

Kennan Winn, Cameron Millikin, Sam Roth and Isaiah Wittrock

7th Van Buren 4:14.34

Tayton Bartholomew, Ty Hamberg, Issac Caston and Adam Smith

8th Cardinal 4:17.25

Try Albert, Jarrett Greiner, Max Betencourt and Ben Clark


400 Meter Dash

Class A

7th Kevin Kretz Fairfield 56.36


400 Meter Dash

Class B

4th Gabe Reyes, Cardinal 54.10

9th J.T. Metcalf, Van Buren 56.68

11th Bryan Sobaski, Pekin 58.65

15th Quentin Story, Van Buren 1:01.20

16th Isaiah Wittrock, Pekin 1:02.40


4x200 Meter Relay Class A

9th Fairfield 1:44.59

Jonah Cooper, Carter Ferrell, Tyler Palmer and Ashton Lankford


4x200 Meter Relay Class B

1st Pekin 1:33.23

Levi Long, Dayne Eckley, Kennan Winn and Monico Requena

10th Van Buren 1:44.63

Ty Hamberg, Bryson Mineart, Caleb Stoltz and Tayton Bartholomew


110 Meter Hurdles Class A

7th Landon Kooiker, Fairfield 16.90


110 Meter Hurdles Class B

2nd Wyatt Gatton, Cardinal 16.10

3rd Jordan Hixon, Pekin 16.44

7th Devin Fraise, Pekin 17.61


800 Meter Run Class A

7th Mark Diers, Fairfield 2:12.26

11th Dalton Rippey, Fairfield 2:16.99

800 Meter Run Class B

1st Chandler Eckley, Pekin 2:04.88

7th Brady Millikin, Pekin 2:18.09

14th Michael Cui, Cardinal 2:34.03

16th Austin Porter, Cardinal 2:40.50

22nd Levi Deshane, Van Buren 3:02.09

23rd Alex Johnston, Van Buren 3:20.21


200 Meter Dash

Class A

13th Connor Ryan, Fairfield 25.46


200 Meter Dash

Class B

4th Dayne Eckley, Pekin 23.57

14th Tayton Bartholomew, Van Buren 25.81

15th Canyon Decker, Pekin 25.94

17th Kayne Nguyen, Cardinal 27.16

18th Ty Hamberg, Van Buren 27.36


400 Meter Hurdles Class A

9th Landon Kooiker, Fairfield 1:02.69

16th Ethan Waugh, Fairfield 1:11.21

400 Meter Hurdles Class B

1st Trey Albert, Cardinal 59.62

4th Cole Earnest, Pekin 1:02.27

11th Adam Smith, Van Buren 1:07.63

13th Andrew Fitzsimmons, Van Buren 1:08.01

14th Levi Long, Pekin 1:10.12

1600 Meter Run

Class A

11th Alex Forrest, Fairfield 5:09.30

16th Aiden Daugherty, Fairfield 5:35.75

1600 Meter Run

Class B

1st Colten Glosser, Pekin 4:55.34

2nd Brady Millikin, Pekin 4:58.18

11th Ben Clark, Cardinal 5:40.24

14th John Orndoff, Van Buren 5:56.12

4x100 Meter Relay Class A

10th Fairfield 48.34

Steeler Higdon, Ashton Lankford, Tyler Palmer and Kosta Papazogolou


4x100 Meter Relay Class B

2nd Pekin 45.28

Levi Long, Dayne Eckley, Kennan Winn and Monico Requena

7th Cardinal 48.48

Colby Aschenbrenner, Jarrett Greiner, Wyatt Gatton and Gabe Reyes

4x400 Meter Relay Class A

6th Fairfield 3:44.33

Payton Cline, Kevin Kretz, Drew Martin and Landon Kooiker


4x400 Meter Relay Class B

1st Pekin 3:25.09

Chandler Eckley, Sam Roth, Cameron Millikin and Isaiah Whittrock

10th Van Buren 4:05.84

Issac Caston, Quentin Story, Andrew Fitzsimmons and Daniel Downey

High Jump Class A

3rd Landon Kooiker, Fairfield 5’08”


High Jump Class B

5th Wyatt Gatton, Cardinal 6’

10th Caleb Johnson, Van Buren 5’04”

11th Brayden Sobaski, Pekin 4’

Long Jump Class A

12th Ashton Lankford, Fairfield 17’08.75”

15th Carter Ferrell, Fairfield 16’09.75”

Long Jump Class B

1st Trey Albert, Cardinal 20’03.75”

2nd Devin Fraise, Pekin 19’07.75”

5th Cole Earnest, Pekin 18’04.75”

9th J.T. Metcalf, Van Buren 17’02.50”

Shot Put Class A

13th Steeler Higdon, Fairfield 38’08”

18th Tristin Waugh, Fairfield 35’03.50”


Shot Put Class B

4th Slater Williams, Pekin 42’11.50”

13th Hunter Rodibaugh, Van Buren 36’05”

14th Skyler Juhl, Pekin 34’06.50”

16th Jarrett Knights, Cardinal 33’10.25”

17th Dagisteno Shilling, Cardinal 33’07.25”

23rd Gavin Powell, Van Buren 28’11”


Discus Throw Class A

2nd Tristin Waugh, Fairfield 130’11”

12th Steeler Higdon, Fairfield 105’10”

Discus Throw Class B

5th Slater Williams, Pekin 118’02”

11th T. Bartholomew, Van Buren 103’05”

18th Dagisteno Shilling, Cardinal 85’03”

22nd Hayden Frederick, Cardinal 74’05”

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