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Art walk shares thanks in January

By Dania De Bortoli | Jan 10, 2013

To the editor:

Fairfield 1st Fridays Art Walk is grateful to everyone who participated in Art Walk’s Magic of the New Year, where wonder and delight was experienced by everyone of all ages. This was a new theme for Art Walk and it was well received.

A huge thank you goes to our January sponsor Frederick Swartz and Co., CPA’s and Tax & Accounting Services, Inc. Many of you might not know that Fred Swartz has a personal passion for magic and had hands-on involvement in creating this spectacular event. We have received a lot of compliments on how entertaining this particular Art Walk was, and we encourage all of you to let Fred know how much you enjoyed this event!

A warm thank you goes out to our magicians who participated in this event: Fairfield’s own Fred Swartz, Luke Hillis, Jeff Kapec and Jesus Rios. Special thanks go to George Winland and Keith West, a Las Vegas-style magician from West Des Moines. We would also like to thank fire dancer Michelle Alvey for an engaging performance.

We want to thank the judges of the Magic Contest, which was held at the Sondheim at 8:30 p.m.: Ed Malloy, Nancy Morrissey, June Lowenberg, Tim Hawthorne and Lindsay Lippincott, for helping us come up with the winners!

We would also like to thank Best Western Fairfield Inn for providing the out-of-town talent with accommodations.

We also want to share our gratitude to all the volunteers and supporters who came to help and support Art Walk last Friday. We are always looking for volunteers for Art Walk. This is a great opportunity for individuals, service organizations and businesses to come and support our community by making these events bigger and better. We will be needing volunteers for February, so please don’t be shy, contact us and volunteer! It’s a great way to socialize, meet new people and support your community all at the same time! Art Walk is for everyone so be a part of it and volunteer!

Next Art Walk is on February 1st and the theme is “The Art of Love”: Romantic film, photography and poems. We will be offering prizes for each theme and as usual looking for local artists to share their talent with our community. Please see our website for more details www.fairfieldartwalk@gmail.com or contact us at 641-233-8883.

Final thanks go out to all of the businesses that are sponsoring and supporting Art Walk. We encourage local companies and individuals to keep supporting Art Walk because when you support Art Walk you are supporting the entire community.

Last but not least, Fairfield 1st Fridays Art Walk wants to thank the community as a whole for attending this Art Walk and all other Art Walk events. Without your community support, Art Walk would not be what it is.


— Dania De Bortoli, executive director and event coordinator of Fairfield 1st Fridays Art Walk

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