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Award-winning master illusionist Reza to perform Friday

By Justin Webster, Ledger sports editor | Feb 08, 2018
Reza will perform “Edge of Illusion” at 7:30 p.m. Friday at the Fairfield Arts & Convention Center.

With all of the great shows that perform at Fairfield’s Arts & Convention Center, it’s hard to keep them fresh and different, but this Friday night’s show will be like no other. Reza, the “world’s top touring illusionist,” is planning on mystifying and amazing the crowd with his “breathtaking spectacle, mind-blowing sleight of hand and endearing charm.”

The show will begin at 7:30 p.m. and limited tickets are still available. Reza spoke to The Fairfield Ledger from the road as he tours the United States.


Q) What can we expect from your show?

A) It’s less like a magic show and more like a rock concert. We bring in a lot of production elements with us to create that atmosphere. Lighting, sound, video walls. Things that really add to the performance. In addition to all of that, it’s also very interactive. If people are used to seeing magic through a screen on T.V. or YouTube, it’s a cool opportunity to come and see it live, experience it and be a part of it.


Q) What’s the difference between an illusionist and a magician?

A) They’re pretty much interchangeable. It’s really just down to what it means to the person saying it. The magic side of things kind of has a cliche history of rabbits in top hats, and with illusionists, most people tend to have an image of a more cutting edge version of that. It’s just about creating an impossible experience and I like to do that using ordinary objects, so I don’t normally gravitate toward things people are unfamiliar with like most magicians in a magic show. Instead I try to find things that people can relate to, and then try to create those extraordinary types of moments with those things.


Q) Do you create your own illusions, or are you redesigning and personalizing old tricks?

A) I’m constantly in design mode, trying to take things that have been done before and make them new or try to take an idea that’s never been done before and make them possible. In magic, you are limited to a number of concepts that you can probably count on both hands. Appear, disappear, cut in half, and the list goes a little bit longer than that, but it’s still a limited amount of things that people work from. The challenge is to take those and continual make them new, make them relateable, and make them relevant with pop culture and what’s happening today.


Q) What is a day like for you when you arrive in a town like Fairfield before you perform?

A) Our day is pretty typical. We arrive at the venue, I always do a walkthrough and check it out with my team. That way, if we need to alter things for a specific venue we can do that and get everything setup. While all of that is happening, we’ll go check out a local coffee place or restaurant and kind of get a feel for the local flavor. Meet a few people and let each individual location become an individual location for us so when we come back to town in the future, we know where to go and what’s there.

I try to take whatever time I do have available and take recommendations on where to go if you had a two-hour layover here, and then that’s normally what we try to do in between load-in, sound check and showtime.

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