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Back to school safety tips

By Fairfield Police Chief Julie Harvey | Aug 29, 2014

Much to the pleasure of most parents, school starts Tuesday for the Fairfield School District. There will be increased traffic at all the elementary schools, middle school and high school. Drivers are encouraged to slow down in these heavily congested areas and be watchful of children crossing streets for a half hour before and after school.

Parents are encouraged to discuss and practice good safety measures. Parents are encouraged to start with the basics. Children should look both ways before crossing the street and use the crosswalks. Elementary school safety patrols will be starting soon and children should cross at those designated intersections.

Parents should designate a pickup spot for their children. Children who are picked up from school should be taught to be very cautious when walking between two parked cars because they are too short to be seen by drivers. If the ride doesn’t show up after a few minutes, children should report to the school office and the staff will assist the children with making contact with the appropriate person.

Parents should plan a specific route for their children to follow when walking to school. Children should not deviate from the route unless given permission by the parents. Children should never enter a stranger’s house along the route. If someone tries to entice a child into a residence, the children should immediately tell a responsible adult (ie., teacher, parent, babysitter). Children are encouraged to walk in groups if possible since there is safety in numbers.

Parents should discuss rules of the road with children riding their bikes to and from school. Bike riders are encouraged to use the sidewalk in areas with heavy vehicular traffic. Children are encouraged to wear helmets.

Parents should discuss stranger danger with their children. Under no circumstance should children ever get into a car with a stranger. Children should immediately report to a responsible adult if they are enticed into a car.

Children riding school buses are encouraged to wait in the designated pick up areas and should not be horse playing near the road. Parents should ensure that nothing is dangling from the children’s neck, backpack, or shoes that could get caught in the bus doors. Children crossing the street when exiting the bus should cross in front of the bus immediately while the bus crossing arm is out and traffic is stopped. Drivers are reminded they are required to stop while the crossing arm is out and the school bus lights are flashing.

Parents should encourage their children to be good citizens and respectful of other children. Parents should tell their children bullying and fighting will not be tolerated.

Members of the Fairfield Police Department will be increasing patrol around the schools before and after school. We hope everyone has a safe and happy school year.


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