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Backyard pool

May 12, 2014

Torrential rains hit Fairfield and many surrounding towns Sunday afternoon, flooding alleys, basements and yards. Ray Griffin, who lives on Fillmore Street just north of O.B. Nelson Park, came home to find Fairfield had a working outdoor pool, and that it was in his backyard. Griffin said his yard flooded because a couple of drains near his house were plugged – one in the street and another by his backyard just inside the park. He said the drains were quickly clogged with grass, twigs and other debris, and that it left nowhere else for the water to go but to the lowest point, which just happened to be his yard. He grew increasingly nervous as water seeped into his walk-out basement, although fortunately he was able to limit the damage and mop up the water in short order. Griffin waded into his yard with a skidloader in an effort to unplug the drain, which took him 15 minutes because it was surrounded by so much debris. He said the drain is on city property but he has taken to cleaning it about once a week to prevent the kind of flooding he experienced Sunday. He spoke with wastewater superintendent Shawn Worley this morning, who said the city would try to resolve the problem. Griffin hopes the city will install some sort of box on top of the drain that would catch debris while still allowing water to enter.

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