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Blockage causes sewer overflow Monday

Dec 17, 2013

The city of Fairfield experienced a sanitary sewer overflow Monday resulting in an undetermined amount of untreated wastewater to be discharged due to a blockage that occurred in a sewer main on the west side of town.

Wastewater superintendent Shawn Worley said the overflow was acted upon quickly and the sewer jet truck was used to unclog the line. City employees found evidence of grease in the line that could have been the cause of the blockage. The area is being looked at for proper grease traps and procedures.

The city is currently in design stage as well as flow studies with McClure Engineering and French-Reneker-Associates to evaluate solutions to the city’s inflow and infiltration problems. Worley said sanitary sewer upgrades as well as treatment plant upgrades will begin in the near future that will help alleviate the overflows. He said it is a large scale project that will be completed on a relatively short time span.

The second part of the elimination of sanitary sewer overflows is inspection of private lines that may lead to property owners having to repair their defective sewer lines. He said the city’s main goal is the protection of public health and the preservation of the state’s waters.


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