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Blue Zones Buddy sign up available

Apr 01, 2013

For those who have already joined the Blue Zones Project and pledged to participate in the Personal Pledge actions, it’s time to recruit moral support by taking one of the first pledge actions to recruit a Blue Zones Buddy.

Pick a healthy event like a cooking class, walking with the kids to school every day or another activity focused on well-being, and invite a friend or family member to join. Make it a habit to attend events together throughout the project.

Besides building social relationships, research shows a person is 20 percent more likely to succeed at new behaviors if done with a buddy. Blue Zones buddies will inspire one another to keep up with their well-being goals for the long haul.

To get involved go to the website www.bluezonesproject.com. While there, join the project and learn how to make the healthy choice easy when by applying the Power 9principles to create a better life now.

By joining Blue Zones Project, a person is taking small steps toward a big reward not only for him or herself, but also for the people and community he or she cares about the most.

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