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Broken policies lead to stings

By James Lee Elliott | Feb 14, 2013

To the editor:

In response to [“Large number of businesses cited in stings,” Wednesday, Feb. 6], I am not writing to discredit law enforcement for doing what they think they have to do or are forced to do by government mandated laws.

I am writing to stand up for those that have to pay the price for inadequate policies, procedures, laws and fines mandated by our elected representatives.

These ones that have to pay the price are those that are issued a fine of $735, which includes the uniform citation of $500, a criminal surcharge of $175 and court costs of $60. This is just more revenue for our governments.

These ones that have to pay the price are probably underpaid, underappreciated and trying to pay the bills just as we all are. In return, they’re probably terminated from their job and will struggle to find another now that they have a record and an unpaid fine because it will probably take them 80 to 100 hours of employment just to pay this fine.

Who mandated these people as police officers to enforce the law in the first place? This is a nation that used to pledge justice for all. There is no justice unless hundreds and thousands of dollars can be paid in retainer fees to buy representation in court, not at minimum wages and now no job can you have effective, efficient and caring representation.

It is time for law enforcement, elected representatives and the court system to put themselves in these peoples shoes to see what it is like to walk or work in them. They wouldn’t walk in them very long because they soon would be looking for a new pair of shoes. Put the responsibility totally on the ones that are knowing, willingly and illegally violating the laws in the first place. The ones that are trying to buy it, steal it, beg for it, make threats for it, have a friend get it for them, a parent that provides it for them or they take it from the liquor cabinet or refrigerator at home.

Let them pay the price.


— James Lee Elliott, Fairfield

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