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Building not meeting students’ needs

By Scott Slechta | Mar 14, 2013

To the editor:

In a grading scale, an A+ is the best score. An A+ represents dedication and commitment to learning and achievement.

Schools are also rated by their curriculum, faculty, and physical structure. The Fairfield Community School District and community must dedicate and commit themselves to improving Fairfield High School.

These needed improvements will be an A+ decision. On April 2, eligible voters will vote on a proposed $10 million project to renovate, remodel, and build an addition to the high school. This will create for the students, teachers, and town an A+ high school.

The current school is a strong and beautiful building that was Able to meet the students’ needs of the past, but it does not meet the students’ needs of today or in the future.

Many parts of the building are Antiquated. The actual high school building can boast of classrooms, a gymnasium, and an auditorium. Built in 1939, its classrooms were used for teaching typing, Latin, and other core and elective courses. However, education has changed, and the student expectations have increased. Our students compete in a global market. Technology has affected our lives, too. With all of these changes, the building has not kept up. Improvements have been made but not enough to maintain teaching or learning in the 21st century.

The changes will benefit: Academics, Arts, and Athletics and Activities.

Academics: Classroom spaces will be updated, e.g., upgrading the science labs, increasing classroom size, and allowing natural light in the classroom.

Arts: The music rooms will be enlarged for the increasing involvement and improved for storage and stage access. The stage area will also undergo improvements to benefit both the music department and the speech/drama students.

Athletics: New locker rooms will be built along with an improved wrestling area.

Through this renovation the school will become Accessible to students or visitors. Currently our school has limited access. In this project, all standards of the Americans with Disabilities Act will be met.

An Attractive entrance and office area to Assemble all student services in a secure, centralized Area is planned. The school’s current entrance and its student services are scattered throughout the building. There is also a need for a safe entrance.

The Air quality will also be improved for the school — installation of a HVAC (heating/ventilation/air conditioning) system and revamping the electrical system.

These changes may need tax-paying citizens to Adjust their Attitude. The voter must not base a decision on the past or looking only at the present, but instead the voter must focus on the future. 1) If the bonds issue is approved on April 2, voters will not see a tax increase. 2) This vote affects our community’s future, our school’s future, and, most importantly, our students’ future. These school renovations and remodeling projects will lead to a school that is Alive and Active.

An A+ decision is Adjusting an Attitude from what was Antiquated and Able by focusing on Academics, Arts, Athletics and focusing on the Air quality and the Accessibility along with an Attractive and secure entrance to create an educational institute that is Alive and Active.

Remember, an A+ represents dedication and commitment to learning and achievement.


— Scott Slechta, Fairfield

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