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Cambridge donates $1 million to pool, gym

The Fairfield Recreational Facilities Task Force is nearing the $6 million mark in funding for the new outdoor pool and gym project.
Jan 25, 2013
Photo by: MICHAEL LEACH/Ledger photo Members of the Fairfield Park and Recreation Department’s Recreational Facilities Task Force gathered with Cambridge Investment Research Inc. members Thursday afternoon to accept the firm’s $1 million donation towards the community outdoor pool and gym project. From left, front row are: Dan Breen, Dan Sullivan, Amy Webber, Ron Haines; second row: Derik Wulfekuhle, Jodi Kerr, Jane McMahon; third row: Tammy Dunbar, Bobbi Martin, Carol Fischer; fourth row: Jerry Oliver, Joe Carr, Ryan Reineke, Pete Dollive; and fifth row: Tom Anderson and Kyle Selberg. Task force members are Breen, Haines, Wulfekuhle, Kerr, McMahon, Dunbar and Carr. Cambridge members Sullivan, Webber, Martin, Fischer, Oliver, Reineke, Dollive, Anderson and Selberg.

Cambridge Investment Research Inc. is donating $1 million toward the community outdoor pool and recreation center project being led by the Fairfield Recreational Facilities Task Force.

Task force committee member Dan Breen said the total private funding to date is now $2.95 million, including the support from Cambridge, The Greater Jefferson County Foundation and First National Bank in Fairfield. This means the task force is nearing the $6 million mark in total, including the $3 million general obligation bonds approved by citizens.

“We are thrilled with the building momentum of this project and really appreciate the strong support from Cambridge,” said Breen.

“Cambridge appreciates the opportunity to offer our financial support for this wonderful community project,” said Amy Webber, Cambridge president. “We believe it is an honor to be part of the local community and feel privileged to do our part to see that our associates and their families, friends and friends of friends have access to a recreation facility of this caliber.” Cambridge is among the largest employers in the area and draws the majority of its 500 employees from the five-county region surrounding Fairfield.

Webber said the $1 million commitment will be paid in installments during a five-year period.

Ron Haines, also a task force committee member, said the commitment from Cambridge, The Greater Jefferson County Foundation and First National Bank is a big step, but additional funding is important from corporations and individuals.

The task force is focused on reopening the outdoor pool by the summer of 2014 and that requires construction of the pool and gym to begin this summer.

Haines said funding commitments are needed by the end of April for the project to stay on schedule.

“We have this project on a relatively fast track to minimize the impact on the children and adults in the area following the closing of the old outdoor pool,” he said.

Webber added many Cambridge associates have fond memories of swimming lessons and birthday parties at the old outdoor pool at O.B. Nelson park and are anxious to have a new pool for their children and grandchildren.

“We also have a strong interest in health and fitness at Cambridge,” said Webber. “Our wellness programs include subsidized membership to the Roosevelt Community Recreation Center, and it is very popular among our associates. The plans for the new pool and gymnasium are very exciting for all of us.”

Breen said the task force is in discussion with other companies in the area and plans to kick off a fund campaign targeting individual donors in February.

“All funding will make a difference. Of course, donations like the $1 million from Cambridge have significant impact in this project, but every donation is helpful and important regardless of size,” said Breen.

“Today we have a special opportunity to build a legacy many people will enjoy for decades to come,” said Breen, noting the pool and gym project will benefit many generations into the future.

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