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Canceled subscription to Register

By Jay Haumersen | Apr 05, 2013

To the editor:

I did my duty and canceled my subscription to the Des Moines Register.

After the publishing of the map showing where all the schools are without internal security personnel, I submitted a letter (apparently along with many others) about my displeasure of that decision, and waited for the paper to publicly respond to that gross error in judgment.

I can accept errors by people. We all make them. I can not accept it when those errors and mistakes are not recognized, owned, and rectified, especially when they have been so completely informed about them.

I waited and watched the Register’s site, as well as the social media outlets, for responses to the publishing of the map. I waited through Sunday’s publication. All I found were attempts at justification for publishing the map, and attempts to direct blame on to the public.

The Register still does not see the depth (any depth) to their error, which, in fact, exposed the level of immediate resistance to any attack on each school system.

I’ve been a subscriber to the Register for a very, very long time. I’ve enjoyed reading the paper all along. But, I can not support the incompetence demonstrated by the paper which has endangered the students and faculty within schools across the state, and doesn’t see that they did so. I don’t recall the endangerment of the public being covered by the First Amendment.

I did my duty and canceled my subscription.


— Jay Haumersen, Fairfield


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