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Candid cameras catch speeders

By Jeff Wilson, Ledger publisher | Jun 23, 2011

Our complicated world just gets more complicated.

I hope Fairfield never gets around to installing mounted cameras above our streets to record traffic violations.

Last month I received a letter with a nice snapshot of my car near Menards in Muscatine. It was only a warning and informed me I was going 59 miles per hour in a 45 speed limit area.

About the time I started thinking it couldn’t have been my car, I figured it was me heading back home from Chicago on Highway 61.

The next time through I went slow and read all the signs. Just outside of Muscatine the speed limit went from 65 to 55. Then there was a sign about speed limits being photo enforced. A few feet later there was a speed limit of 45. I’m sure the little gimmick will make Muscatine a few dollars.

Now I look for cameras everywhere. Last weekend I got all nervous because a green turn arrow turned yellow and red before I made it all the way through a busy, six-lane, big city intersection.

For the next half hour, I pictured myself opening another envelope with a picture of my car and a big red arrow above. I’m sure there’s no arguing your case when you get a fine in the mail. I guess I’ll just have to worry about getting a letter for the next month or two.

I’m paranoid about a camera-enforced 55-mph speed limit on Interstate 380 in Cedar Rapids. Many people have told me about that one.

It’s almost getting too complicated to be a law-abiding citizen anymore.

Jeff Wilson is publisher of The Fairfield Ledger.

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