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Cardinal Comet archery teams excel in Des Moines

By BEV SLOAN | Mar 08, 2017

There were 1,498 archers who shot at the block targets at the Iowa State Archery Tournament in Des Moines on March 2-4. The event is held at the Iowa State Fairgrounds.

Theodore Davis, a senior at Cardinal High School, won a scholarship for taking second place.

The Cardinal Shooting Comets Elementary, Middle School and High Schools teams all competed during the weekend.

Cardinal Elementary School placed sixth as a team.

Individual archers placing in the Top 10 at state: Montana Rupe sixth, with a score of 267 and 10 tens.

Other state boys placements: Owyn Johnson 15th with a 261; Mason Grove 21st with a 258; Karson Kirkpatrick 40th with 246; Chase Johnson 82nd with 233; Keaton Pottorff 88th with 229; Colton Zaputil 110th with a 221; Gavin Vice 111th with a 221; Hunter Sertterh 147th with 198; Garrett Porter 154th with a 196; Kolton Wray 155th with score of 195; Keatyn Dickey 166th with a 186.

Cardinal Elementary Girls: Haylee Fountain 48th with a score of 232; Charlotte Canny 55th with score of 230 (6 tens); Paityn Carnes 60th with a 230 (2 tens); Heidi Wemmie 79th with a 222; Cassidy Brown 83rd with a 219; Skyllar Welch 103rd with a 211; Lauren Sloan 108th with a score of 207; Brenna Daniels 147th with a 83;

Cardinal Middle School placed 17th in the state as a team. Individual archers were lead by Allison Sloan who placed fourth in Individual Block Targets with a 283 and 18 tens. Allison scored a 50 at 10 meters.

Other state rankings: Alita Bossler 62nd with a 268; Cameron Wheaton 219th with score of 236; Jessica Fosdyck 222nd with a 246; Zoey Carr 243rd with a 230; Brianna Clark 259th with score of 219; Ambrozia Sanders 273rd with a 209; Destiny Clouser 278th with score of 188; Austin McClure 39th with score of 274; Michael Mullikin 43rd with a 272; Layne Pottorff 139th with a 258; Morgan Rupe 146th with a 257; Mattew Streeby 249th with a 257; Ethan Ragen 189th with a 253; Konnor Sanders 213th with a 248; Zeke Shilling 221th with a 247; Curtis Brown 228th with a 247; Peyton Johnson 264th with a 239; Tyson Paris 310th with a 225.

Cardinal High School finished with a ranking of 17th in state. Danielle Jamison placed 17th with a 283; Cassandra Sparkman 142nd with a score of 261; Alesia Stanton 159th with a score of 260; Laney Black 161st with a 259; Paige Evans 174th with a 257; Randi Short 191st with a score of 253; Amber Bremer 197th with a 251; Kaylie Blunt 213th with a 245; Theodore Davis ranks 27th with a 282; Jacob Stiles 33rd with a 280; Triston Brown 42nd with a 279; Jarrett Rea 60th with a 275; James Greer III 98th with a 270; Kristian Sanders 148th with a 265; Brodie Mairet 184th with a 259; Brandon Bossler 2207th with a 255; Devlin Rupe 213th with a 254; Trevor Wilbanks 283rd with a 195; Ryan Johnson 284th with a 177.

The Cardinal Comets Shooting Archers teams were in competition with 598 archers as they shot 3D Targets. The Cardinal Elementary placed first in state.

Individuals ranking in the Top 10: Owyn Johnson, second, with a score of 266 and 13 tens; Karson Kirkparick, fourth, with a 260 and 6 tens; Montana Rupe, seventh, with score of 250 and 10 tens; Haylee Fountain, seventh, with score of 233 and 6 tens.

The Cardinal Middle School team finished with the ranking of fourth in the state. Individual rankings in Top 10: Allison Sloan, sixth, with a score of 274 and 11 tens; Michael Mullikin, ninth, with a score of 272 and 11 tens.

Cardinal High School ranked eight in the state. Theodore Davis placed seventh with a score of 282 and 13 tens; Danielle Jameson placed fourth with a score of 281 and 14 tens.



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