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Ceremony marks Dakota hangings

By Stephen Ulicny | Feb 21, 2013

To the editor:

I honor The Fairfield Ledger for the Dec. 27 story [“Memorial to 38 hanged Dakota men unveiled in Minnesota,” Page 7] of a 16-day American Indian horse ride from South Dakota to Mankato, Minn. The ride honored 38 Dakotas hanged in public in Mankato on Dec. 26, 1862, as a result of the six-week 1862 U.S. Dakota War.

On Dec. 26, 2012, Native Elders conducted honoring ceremonies for those who died 150th years ago in America’s largest mass execution. Those men who hung in public fought to protect their land and keep people from starvation. Few today know that Sacred Native Ceremony is done to nourish and protect Earth, helping everyone be happy and healthy.

Jim Miller, a good friend, envisioned this Ride in a Dream in 2005, and fulfilled that vision; I rode part way one year. Runners and Riders had the Mantra: “Forgive everyone everything.” After that war, Natives were forced from Minnesota, and bounties paid for scalps of any who remained. Still, forgiveness persists.

Thirty-eight executed and hundreds of woman and children died in concentration camps from disease. 300 Prisoners of War in Iowa died of disease. Crime is perspective; patriot or criminal decided by a judge. Jewish patriots rebelled against Rome, and were punished harshly for their challenge; 2,000 years later Jewish rule returned.

Grass grows up through concrete, challenging concrete’s authority. Life rebels against unnatural restriction; our body and our earth heal themselves when allowed. Many early settlers would have starved without help from Natives, but kindness was often repaid with violent death.

There is one scientifically proven way to reduce societal violence: Transcendental Meditation, especially when practiced in groups. Violence cannot be significantly reduced by surface action.

Conflict and resolution exists in our body and Earth. Disease, disaster, war, come from violating natural law. True education teaches us living by Natural Law; Natives use ceremony to balance disorder. Ceremony in Sanskrit is Yagya-giving back. Vedic Pundits in Maharishi Vedic City came to heal and nourish our country. It is known that emotional input changes water molecules, and also land. Society struggles with gun control, but guns are the snake’s tail, whereas weak thought power allows violence to erupt like disease; this is balanced only by clearer thinking.

Millions of beaver, bison and Natives were killed making room for invaders; Natives Americans had immigration problems for 500 years. Many peaceful villages were ripped by cavalry gunfire. Iowa is a Native name but where are our Natives? Beliefs and desires bond people; Native people honor Earth — most people honor money.

Colorado militia killed 100 Indians at Sand Creek in 1864, two-thirds women and children. The Oklahoma City bomber killed 168 — 19 under 6 years old; 680 wounded, 324 buildings destroyed, with a bomb made of fertilizer, an explosive used in Strip Mining; yet no fertilizer bans.

How many roads must a man walk down, before you call him a man? Our greatest violence and most intense idiocy may be allowing Corporate America to cut and paste nature’s genetic code.

Peace, Shanti, Wodakota.


— Stephen Ulicny, Fairfield

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