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Chelgren has got to go

By Dorothy Drees | Mar 09, 2017

To the editor:

It is unconstitutional to legislate when life begins. Mark Chelgren wants to do just that.

When life begins is an unprovable religious issue. Our constitution protects everyone’s right to their own religious beliefs, including all beliefs concerning when life begins.

For thousands of years cross culturally, most of the world has believed that the soul enters the body at the fourth month, when the fetus kicks, not at conception. And many people believe life begins when the baby can survive independently of the mother. All of these beliefs are just that, beliefs, to be respected as such, and to be forever protected by our constitution.

Mark Chelgren has introduced Senate File Bill 253 to the Iowa State Senate, which would legislate that life begins at conception. This is unconstitutional. This is supremely disrespectful of many religions and cultures. This legislation would be life threatening to all the women who would be forced to resort to back alley abortions down the road.

Mark Chelgren has also introduced Senate File 288, which would require all college professors to declare their party affiliation, so that political parties among faculty would be equally represented. This would enable Republicans to impose a hiring freeze on Democrats. If Chelgren is serious about proportional representation, he should legislate hiring 5 percent of all professors from the Green Party, and 1 percent from the Socialist Workers’ party.

The Nazis demanded party affiliation. McCarthy tried to do this with blacklisting in the 50’s! This is the stuff of fascist dictatorships.

We need to call our state legislators, especially Mark Chelgrin, 641-777-7047, to oppose these unconstitutional outrages. Mark Chelgrin is up for re-election in 2018. Mark Chelgrin has got to go!


– Dorothy Drees, Fairfield

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