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Citizens’ duty to hold leaders accountable

By James Lee Elliott | Apr 12, 2013

To the editor:

The time has come for greater accountability. We the people have a great deal of responsibility for the current condition of this nation, but there is plenty that our leaders and elected representatives must also be held accountable for.

Our leaders and representatives have a way to assume that they have been given permission or a green light to proceed with what they think best for their constituents (We the People). They and their allies will continue to press forward bit by bit looking for enough collaboration and political cover to enact their agenda.

Without wise leadership a nation is in trouble, but with good counsel there is safety. It is our duty as We the People to hold leadership accountable. The authority of leaders in our nation was meant to be curtailed to provide leadership with boundaries as written in the Constitution.

The government as established by our Founding Fathers is not answerable to our basic needs or responsible for the choices we as individual citizens make in our lives. Our government does not have the constitutional authority to dictate matters related to personal health, control our medical decisions, what physicians we see or don’t see, what medications to take or what procedures we have done. But it is! Our government does not have the authority to determine or dietary choices, what we eat, drink or feed ourselves, our children or our families. But it is! Our government does not have the authority to tell us where we can or cannot live, what type of residence we must choose, how big or small our homes should be, or how we furnish or not furnish them. But it is!

Our rights as Americans do not protect themselves. Our rights require our vigilance because there will always be people who attempt to control us through legislation, executive orders, mandates and judges legislating from the bench. They justify it when they tell us you didn’t build that, you aren’t smart enough or educated enough to make good business decisions, you aren’t wise enough to make wise choices for your individual life, you are not compassionate enough to care for others, and that we cannot understand both sides of a debate so therefore the news media has to tell you what someone said or how you should vote or feel about issues.

It is easy for tyranny to take hold by convincing the people it needs the government’s help. Government overreaches taking more authority by regulating our lives, our actions or reactions, by giving us more forms to fill out, more bureaucracies to manage our affairs, and by taking more of our hard earned money with more taxes, less deductions and more taxes to come with the affordable health care act.

Eventually we are enslaved and unless we stand up to out-of-control government and make them accountable, we have agreed to it. Our Founding Fathers never intended for the government of the people, by the people, for the people, to micromanage our lives.


— James Lee Elliott, Fairfield

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