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City enforcing weed height law

Jul 14, 2017

The area has received precious little rain all summer, allowing weeds to overtake grass in many residents’ yards.

Nevertheless, Fairfield code enforcement officer Scott Vaughan said residents must be mindful of the height of the weeds in their lawns. The maximum allowable height for grass or weeds is 10 inches.

Vaughan mentioned he has seen buckhorn weed all over. Buckhorn is a tall, stringy, unsightly weed that seems to thrive where grass doesn’t.

Yard waste and leaves are not to be burned. Burning them during a drought can start conflagrations, Vaughan said.

“The only burning allowed are grills or firewood,” he said. “Recreational fires are OK, but they must be attended at all times. In a few minutes, a fire can get out of control.”

Vaughan said earlier this week that the Fairfield Fire Department, for which he is the fire chief, has not responded to any grass fires this year. Local fire departments can request a burn ban from the state fire marshal’s office, though Vaughan is not recommending one at this time.

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Posted by: Thomas Kelley | Jul 15, 2017 14:58

Uncitely?  Unsightly!

Posted by: Andrew Michael Hallman | Jul 19, 2017 08:23

Good catch, Tom. I fixed it.

Posted by: bob harper | Aug 07, 2017 20:54

Worry about something else.


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