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City official’s raise is money poorly spent

By Jack Eddy | Jun 13, 2013

To the editor:

After reading the article entitled “Videos entice workers, business owners to move to Fairfield” from the Wednesday, May 29, 2013, issue of The Ledger, I became a bit concerned about the paragraph noting a pay raise for City Administrator Kevin Flanagan. Something tells me there should have been a completely separate article regarding the $5,000 pay raise and additional week of vacation.

That type of business, I believe, is quite different from all the other items noted in that article. If I’m not mistaken — and I certainly may be — Mr. Flanagan has received a recent pay raise for a “job well done” along with his assistant getting a substantial “bonus” as well as a percentage salary increase for being able to do the job that should ordinarily be expected of an employee in that position.

I would like to offer an alternative plan for these “teens” of thousands of dollars being awarded for a “job well done.” Here are just a few ideas from a nearly bottomless pit: Why don’t we use these dollars to repaint crosswalk markings, fix the seemingly bottomless potholes that are apparent in every quadrant of the city, install delayed left turn signals at busy intersections, award contracts to remove dangerous dead trees and avoid possible serious injury or death, require residents to mow their “Natural Habitat” for who knows what and so on and so on. ... And oh, yes, put some of these “teens” of thousands toward our overflow of sewer problems. Maybe then we wouldn’t have to read the same notice copied word for word from the previous notice when it is published after a heavy dew.

I’m not finding total fault with the city administration. I believe the mayor and council are also to blame. They seem nearly clueless at times as to how to say “no.” They seem to be lead around like lost sheep — “yes, yes three bags full.” Could it be that our city hall’s best work is pulling the wool?


— Jack Eddy, Fairfield

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