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Co-op would save farmers time, money

By Fairfield Economic Development Association | Apr 10, 2014

To the editor:

Fairfield Economic Development Association appreciates the difficult decision facing the Jefferson County Board of Supervisors and thanks the board for their hard work and consideration on this matter.

Agriculture is the backbone of Iowa’s economy and grain elevators dot the landscape throughout our county and state. Jefferson County produces an average of 11.6 million bushels of corn and soybeans a year. This generates more than $42.5 million in revenue that cycles through agricultural supply chains and into Jefferson County’s local economy. Heartland Co-op’s facility would create a local grain distribution center that could save Jefferson County farmers time and money hauling their grain to the Mississippi River, while opening up additional markets and potentially rising grain prices.

FEDA hopes the board of supervisors will encourage Heartland Co-op to locate in Jefferson County and provide the infrastructure needed to create safe roads for nearby residents and coop members. Failure to do so could lead Heartland to locate their facility in a neighboring county, depriving Jefferson County of an estimated $280,000 of property tax revenue a year, lowering local farmers’ returns and reducing the likelihood of other interconnected businesses locating in our area.

FEDA supports a healthy and environmentally responsible Jefferson County and encourages Heartland, the board of supervisors and Jefferson County citizens to work together to mitigate environmental concerns while taking into account all rural property owners’ unrestricted right to build.


– Fairfield Economic Development Association


(This statement was approved by the FEDA Board of Directors but is not intended to represent the feelings of every supporting member of the FEDA organization.)


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