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Confinement Site Manure Applicator Training scheduled

Jan 23, 2018

A 2018 Confinement Site Manure Applicator Workshop is set at 9:30 a.m. Feb. 8 at the Jefferson County ISU Extension and Outreach office.

“Iowa law requires confinement site manure applicators to attend two hours of continuing education each year of their three-year certification period, or take and pass the exam once every three years,” said Dan Andersen, assistant professor, ISU Ag and Biosystems Engineering and coordinator of the manure applicator certification program. “If applicators fail to attend the two hours of continuing education each year, they will be required to pass a written exam to be eligible to recertify.”

Each year, nearly 200 confinement site applicators fail to attend training and must pass the remedial exam before being eligible to renew their certification for the following year.

The workshop serves as initial certification for those applicators that are not currently certified, recertification for those renewing licenses and as continuing education for those applicators in their second or third year of their license.

The 2018 confinement site program will include rules for applicators as well as land application and setback distance requirements, water quality and applying manure into cover crops, and application equipment uniformity.

Operators must be certified to handle, transport, and apply manure if the confinement livestock operation has more than a 500 animal-unit capacity unless the manure is applied by a commercial manure applicator.

The certification fee is $100 for a three-year certificate. This fee is paid when applicators initially get certified and then every three years when they recertify to apply manure. Confinement site applicators also are required to pay an annual education fee of $25. All fees and application forms must be sent to the Iowa Department of Natural Resources to complete certification requirements.

ISU Extension and Outreach will charge a $10 fee to applicators choosing to view the certification materials on a non-scheduled reshow day at the county office. For this reason, all applicators are encouraged to attend the workshops or to plan to view training materials on the scheduled reshow date at their local county Extension office. This fee will not apply to workshops or scheduled reshow dates. Contact the county Extension office to determine which days are scheduled for the manure applicator certification programs.

Applicators have another option for certification: online certification, in which an applicator can take their training online at DNR MAC eLearning site at https://elearningdnr.iowa.gov/. The applicator will need to sign-in and get an A&A account.

Applicators are encouraged to complete certification requirements annually before March 1 to meet certification deadlines and avoid being assessed a $12.50 late fee for recertification.

For more information about meeting dates and locations, or to schedule an appointment to attend training, contact the Jefferson County ISU Extension and Outreach office at-472-4166 or visit www.agronext.iastate.edu/immag/certification/confinementsitebrochure.pdf to see the 2018 workshop schedule.

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