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Consider darkness of these times with vote

By Mary LaFrancis | Sep 29, 2016

To the editor:

I have no doubt of the evil forces in the world today, many are losing or have lost hope! This election could not be more urgent with the importance of each vote!

Most troubling is the diminishing of human dignity and rights in all respects. The church is being silenced with increasing restrictions in not only practice but deeply held values and beliefs. The love and light of faith is in danger! The world and now our country are experiencing persecution as never before and we should be prepared for more.

To allow four more years of the weaknesses, failures and policies of the past eight years will be disastrous. So many things are at stake and we are under so many serious threats: terrorism, crime and violence, the tragedy of wars nuclear and EMF attack, economic collapse , national debt more than doubled for all time, higher taxes and increasing government control, disintegration of the family and moral values, a welfare state, healthcare mostly a failure, a culture of death with abortion, assisted suicide and involuntary euthanasia becoming commonplace to name a few

God have mercy!

The Clintons have a forever history of lies and deceit, criminality and corruption not to be trusted an inch or a plug wooden nickel.

For those who don’t like Donald Trump much better, please wait a minute and take another look. He is an experienced and successful world business person despite some mistakes and accusations. He is demonstrating his skills and abilities as a negotiator and manager, has raised an exemplary family and is known for kindness and generosities. He cares, has a heart for people and our country and is a tireless fighter who has pledged to uphold our Constitution.

His choice of Mike Pence for running mate, a 12-year senator and now third-term governor of Indiana who has turned his state around from debt, is purely outstanding. He is mannered and well spoken – the prefect complement. The Trump and Pence families are close as well and will be shining First Families! They have called advisory committees for life, race, evangelical and Catholic issues.

Most of all with our support, involvement and prayers their new administration can restore our country to “life, liberty and justice for all, and make the United States of America strong, safe and great again,” saving us from disaster and disgrace for sure.

We can now vote at the courthouse in person, by absentee ballot, and at the polls on Tuesday, Nov. 8.

There will be a vice presidential debate on Oct. 4, a townhall debate between the presidential candidates on Oct. 9 and the last debate on Oct. 19.

Watch, listen, discuss, pray, be rightly informed and vote. God bless America!


– Mary LaFrancis, Fairfield


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Posted by: Laura Miller | Oct 05, 2016 12:44

well said, thanks

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