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Construction begins on hog confinements

By ANDY HALLMAN | Apr 26, 2013

BATAVIA – The Adam family of Batavia has begun construction on four hog confinement buildings near Batavia after its permit application was approved by the Iowa Department of Natural Resources earlier this week.

Shawn Adam of Adam Valley View Farms said a crew is digging a pit for one of the buildings today and concrete will be poured in the pit Saturday.

The four hog confinements are being built at two sites, each with two buildings. Site 1 is 2 miles south of Batavia on the Wapello County side of the Wapello-Jefferson Road. Site 2 is about 4 miles from both Eldon and Batavia near the intersection of Washington Road and 45th Street, also in Wapello County.

Each of the four buildings will hold just under 2,500 hogs. Adam lives 750 feet west of Site 2.

“The DNR had no issues with what we’re doing,” Adam said. “We’re good to go.”

Adam said the construction crew will work continuously throughout the summer to build all four buildings. He expects everything to be built by August and to put hogs in the buildings as soon as they are finished.

“We’re glad to be starting construction,” he said.

Adam faced opposition to his plan to build hog confinement buildings near Batavia. A group known as “Save Batavia and Eldon” sought to persuade Adam not to build the confinements in the two locations.

The group organized meetings to educate the public about what it perceived to be the downside of allowing hog confinements in the area. The group held a meeting March 29 in Eldon at which it invited guest speakers, such as dairy farmer Francis Thicke and former college professor John Ikerd, to share their knowledge of hog


On March 1, the group invited Adam and his family, his father Nick and brother Jeff, to answer questions about the hog confinements at a public forum in the Batavia Community Center.

Carol Wilkinson, a member of Save Batavia and Eldon, said she had no comment about the DNR’s approval of the permit. She said she would reserve her comments for a later date.

Adam said he feels he and his family went above and beyond their duties by participating in a public meeting and answering questions about their construction project.


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