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Corporations shouldn’t dictate laws

By David Ballou | Aug 03, 2017

To the editor:

Fred Hubbell, Democratic candidate for governor, emailed a one-question survey asking, “What issue matters most to you?” in his quest to learn the pain-points for Iowans. Here was my response:

My biggest concern is large corporations dictating legislative positions. Citizens deserve better. This translates to such issues as:

Out-of-control CAFO development. These faux “farming” operations are making a sewer of our state, of our air, waterways and drinking water, causing well documented health risks for neighbors. My wife and I no longer dine at Cafe Dodici in Washington in the fall because of the stench.

Pesticides and toxic chemicals showing up in our food and air due to collaboration between government and industry to conceal toxicity. We have got to get real and stop putting profit over principle when it comes to citizens’ health and rights. See for starters https://www.ecowatch.com/the-poison-papers-2465841261.html.

Forced vaccinations. Particularly for rare or mild conditions such as measles, mumps, meningitis and chickenpox, this is an unprecedented invasion of privacy that is likely unconstitutional — all for the sake of pharmaceutical companies’ profits.


— David Ballou, Fairfield

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