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County accepts role in mental health region

By DIANE VANCE | Nov 18, 2013

Jefferson County Board of Supervisors today approved becoming part of the planning and development of the mental health region in Southeast Iowa because the state has denied the county’s request to remain a stand-alone county/region.

Iowa passed legislation that mental health and disability services be provided by counties operating together as regions. Jefferson County had submitted an appeal to let the county be its own region for delivery of those services.

The supervisors approved and authorized Jefferson County Point of Coordination, mental health administrator Sandy Stever to attend and participate in all planning sessions with the other counties which have agreed to participate together — Des Moines, Henry, Lee, Louisa, Van Buren and Washington counties.

The board of supervisors appointed supervisor Becky Schmitz as its representative and supervisor chairman Lee Dimmitt as alternate to attend planning meetings and participate in approving decisions that will be required throughout the planning process to establish a 28E agreement for the region.

The decision to join a mental health/disability services region will be voted on when the 28E agreement is finalized and reviewed by the board.

Stever prepared a letter, which Dimmitt signed, to send to the other six counties, stating Jefferson County’s decision and asking to be part of the Southeast Iowa region.

In other news, Schmitz said she had a phone call about road conditions of Marigold Avenue and 240th Street.

“The caller expressed concern about the area near the bridge and also going from Marigold onto 240th,” said Schmitz.

Dimmitt said he had driven the previous week with county engineer Scott Cline on Marigold Avenue and Mint Boulevard around to Glasgow Road and back up to Highway 34.

“We know the intersection from Highway 1 turning [east] on 227th Street/Marigold Avenue needs work. There is a pothole on the south side of the bridge on Marigold, and the curve area on Marigold has a bit of a washboard, but otherwise, all the rest I thought was in very good shape,” said Dimmitt. “I called the gentleman who’d called me before on this and asked what the complaint was on Mint Boulevard, because I found it in good shape.

“He said he didn’t have a complaint about Mint Boulevard, only when the grader came through, the blade wasn’t down and it hadn’t been graded for awhile.”

A few weeks ago, a resident attended the supervisors meeting to complain the road crews were blading roads that didn’t need it, creating lots of dust.

Cline said road crews drive the roads to check conditions and may not be grading if they see nothing needing work. Sometimes the grader could be traveling through on one road to get to another place that needs work, so the blade wouldn’t be down then, either.

Cline said the crews are ready for winter, though they didn’t need to do anything for last week’s light snow.

Batavia Mayor Randy Major attended the supervisors meeting today to thank the board for planning the design of work to be done on Ash Avenue/Fourth Street in Batavia.

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