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County park replaces bathrooms

By Andy Hallman, Ledger news editor | Oct 18, 2017
Photo by: Therese Cummiskey A worker applies mortar to a cinder block.

Jefferson County Park continues to improve its camping amenities.

The most recent addition to the park is a new bathroom now under construction to be ready for next year’s camping season.

The bathroom is near the entrance of the campground on the east side, and replaces the old bathroom that had been at the site since about 1980. It will have four units, each with its own shower, sink and stool.

Jefferson County Conservation Board director Dennis Lewiston said the new bathroom measures 22-feet by 24-feet, a touch smaller than the old one. But because of its individual units, he thinks it will be a big hit with campers.

“This bathroom will offer more privacy than the old one,” he said. “The old restroom had a men’s and women’s side, an open shower with partitions and three stalls and sinks on each side. All the units in the new bathroom are unisex. It will be like the bathroom in the back of the park, which has two private showers.”

Lewiston said the new bathroom was even modeled on the bathroom in the back of the campground, on the west side, because that bathroom had received so many positive reviews from campers.

The board has been saving money for this project for five years. Board members expect it to cost between $80,000-$85,000. Lewiston said the new building will be well worth the expense.

“The old building’s block walls were deteriorating, and it got to be a big maintenance problem,” he said. “Surface water came in, then it would freeze in the winter. The bathroom was at the end of its lifespan.”

The money used to build the bathroom comes from camping fees. Lewiston said the board may also use money from the Resource Enhancement And Protection (REAP) fund.

The bathroom can be used by anyone registered in the campground. Lewiston said most of the structure will be built this fall, and the park hopes to have it open near the beginning of camping season May 1.

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