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CPC explains county’s services

By DIANE VANCE, Ledger staff writer | Oct 30, 2012

Central Point of Coordination Jefferson County Mental Health Administrator Sandy Stever addressed the board of supervisors Monday to clarify any misconceptions in the community regarding services provided by the county.

She said Jefferson County, as well as two-thirds of Iowa’s counties, “have never provided medications for its clients, and our consumers have never gone without medications.”

The county is usually able to get pharmaceutical samples from vendors for people who cannot afford prescriptions.

“We also have patient assistant and if we can’t do either of those, we will get a $4 prescription,” said Stever. “Almost everyone can afford a $4 prescription.

“Once even that was too much for a client, and we still got the prescription — that’s what our pop can refund is for,” she said.

“We’ve never had a waiting list, we operate within our core services and everyone gets served.”

Stever also said she supports the idea of Jefferson County being its own region in the state’s new mental health design.

A new state mandate is forming regions for mental health services, wanting neighboring counties to join together.

“We’ve always done it on our own and always will,” she said. “No one who is disabled [in Jefferson County] goes without services.”

Supervisor Lee Dimmitt said the Southeast Iowa Response Group, formerly known as HazMat, is having trouble collecting fees from Blakesburg. SEIRG responded to a tanker truck explosion in July 2011.

“Blakesburg refuses to pay,” said Dimmitt. “It will probably go to litigation.”

SEIRG is part of the Ottumwa Fire Department providing regional hazardous materials response to 11 counties.

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