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Curran: Active in community since 1983

By Nicole Major, Ledger staff writer | Sep 06, 2017
Kevin Curran

The following are the responses of candidate Kevin Curran who is competing for one of three four-year terms on the Fairfield Community School District’s board of directors. The election is Tuesday.


1. Please briefly explain what prompted you to run for a seat on the Fairfield Community School District’s board of directors.

I was encouraged by a few citizens of Fairfield to consider running for the school board. I talked with my wife, Laura, and she encouraged me to run for the position. Since I am retired, I would have the time to devote to the position of school board member.


2. What do you think the current board is doing right? Are there any areas that you think the board could improve upon?

I am pleased that we have updated the infrastructure of the facilities, the geothermal at Pence this year and that Washington will be done in the summer of 2018. The improvements that have already been completed at FHS are positive. The district will have climate control in most of the classrooms which will be better for teaching and learning.

Seventy-nine percent of the budget is made up of instruction and total support services, which only leaves 21 percent to spend on supplies and other expenses. I think that we need to look for more grant money to supplement the general budget.


3. If elected to the school board, what assets would you bring to the table? Please talk about both your professional and personal experiences.

I am a retired pharmacist. I worked for the State of Iowa in Mt. Pleasant, Iowa at the Mental Health Institute and Department of Correction. The pharmacy provided pharmacy services to the MHI and prison. The last five years I only provided pharmacy services to the MHI and the Iowa Resident Treatment Center (substance abuse program). While I worked for the state, I was involved from the ground up with developing an electronic pharmacy program for the DOC. I was involved with the cart fill list, which is used to determine what medication and how many, need to be dispensed in a specific time frame to each inmate.

The CFL had billing and crediting capabilities when medication orders changed. I wrote policies for the pharmacy and policies for nursing and pharmacy when the policy would overlap. I did medication classes for both the mental health and substance abuse program.

I have been active in the community since moving here 1983. I have helped with or coordinated the prom parade since 1983 and am still involved with it. I was very involved with Fairfield Little League for around 20 years, serving as the president for four or five years in the 1990s, setting the teams schedules for 10 to 15 years, managing my sons’ teams and umpiring for several years.

I also did some umpiring in Babe Ruth when my sons played. When park and rec had flag football in the fall, I would help when my boys were participating. I would help with youth basketball on Saturday morning when the boys played and I coached traveling team basketball for three of the four boys when they were playing.

I served as an officer or a board trustee for 12 years at the Elks lodge and continue to serve on several committees.

Currently, I am the bookkeeper at the Elks lodge. Some of these duties include, prepare the yearly budget, payroll, manage and pay all invoices, and quarterly taxes.

I have been the treasurer for the First Lutheran Church for three years, I also prepare its annual budget. I have helped with the confirmation program for the last 18 years.

The assets that I have are the ability to work with different disciplines at the same time, correctional personal, nursing, doctors and administration staff serving on committees together. I have good leadership skills to steer an organization and good listening and communication skills. I am very familiar with budgets, having to deal with them at the church, Elks and the pharmacy department at the MHI and DOC when I was working.

I consider myself to be a very hands’ on person and will work diligently with the administration, teachers, support staff, parents, and other board members to reach the common goal, the success of our students.


4. What is your stance on the latest hot button issues, such as grade alike, Libertyville Elementary School closing, etc.?

It is not easy to make changes. After viewing budgets back to 2009, we have had a trend of being in the red though not every year. It was clear to me that something had to be done. The board decided to close Libertyville and go to grade alike. With grade alike we can even out class sizes.


5. What unique thing about you distinguishes you from your peers?

In my professional career, I always tried to find better ways to deliver pharmacy services to patients, clients and inmates. I always had to deal with budget constrictions and a central office administration that had a philosophy of if it works no need to change the process. I believe that public education is an ever-changing process. It is necessary to get input from all parties affected, students, teachers, parents, support staff and administration, review the input and the process and make changes in how the district delivers education. I think that the curriculum director and technology director are very important in the education process. Then we have the constrictions of the budget nudging us to keep looking for new sources of funding. The end process is always the success of each and every student.

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