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Disappointed in pandits’ behavior

By Charles Williams | Mar 20, 2014

To the editor:

So much for world peace pandits. Peace keepers like that, we don’t need. When they take them to the airport, make sure they get on the plane. Don’t give them a choice.

They said on the news that they weren’t directly associated with M.U.M. Then why are they here and who had them brought here?

The cop and vehicle were attacked and had rocks thrown at them and windows broken and no charges were filed because they couldn’t identify them. Really?

What would have happened if this had taken place in town with a group of town people? You know what would have happened. They would have investigated and found out who did it, or arrested all of the people. A riot is a riot. Why were they let off?

We try to teach our young people respect. These are adults!


– Charles Williams, Fairfield


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