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DNR reminds snowmobilers of regulations

Dec 20, 2012

The Iowa Department of Natural Resources is encouraging snowmobilers to brush up on the rules before heading out for some winter fun.

“Winter forgot about Iowa last year so we could see more than a few operators who have not been out for two years,” said David Downing, ATV and snowmobile coordinator for the Iowa Department of Natural Resources.  “We’ve been working with our snowmobile clubs on rules to benefit the activity and are encouraging operators to get familiar with them.”

Downing said snowmobiles operating on any designated snowmobile trail, public land or public ice must display a current registration and a DNR user permit. Residents must display the decal and the permit decal on the windshield or near the headlight bezel.

Nonresident snowmobilers must display a current registration decal from their state of residence and an Iowa DNR user permit.

Snowmobile registrations are available at the county recorder’s office. The DNR user permits can be purchased from the county recorder or any retailer selling Iowa hunting and fishing licenses.

“Now is the time to get all of the snowmobiles and ATV’s registered for the 2013 year before the penalty begins on Jan. 1,” said Jefferson County recorder Kelly Spees.

Riders ages 12 through 15 must have a valid snowmobile education certificate and be under the direct supervision of a parent or guardian. Operators age 16 and 17 must have a valid snowmobile education certificate in their possession and must not have the privilege to operate a motor vehicle suspended or revoked.

Snowmobiles operating on a public highway, including the ditch, and city streets must be covered by liability insurance. Upon request from any law enforcement officer, the operator must provide roof of liability insurance coverage.

Operators are prohibited from driving a snowmobile upon the surface of any public water in a maneuver known as waterskipping.

Waterskipping means operating a snowmobile on the surface of water using the skis, track and bottom surface area of the snowmobile for flotation while the snowmobile is in motion. This does not apply to operating on rivers and streams between Nov. 1 and April 1.

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