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Neighbors Growing Together | Aug 16, 2018

Dog owners issued ‘gentle reminder’

To the Editor:

In response to Richard Thompson’s comment “Council’s decision to open beach rushed” [July 26]; I am commenting on his dogs comment.

As a volunteer “geese patrol” and “poop picker upper” and as a dog owner; most people take responsibility for their pets. However, if you see someone who hasn’t picked up after their dog; usually a gentle reminder is all that is needed. Rather than complain, take responsibility to inform the owner of what their dog has done.

Although there are many animals that “poop in the lake”; a group of us have taken on the responsibility to check the beach area and remove any geese poop we find – so that at least the beach area is clear. So, we appreciate that dog owners assist us by picking up any poop their pet leaves behind. (As was noted in the Council meeting, the water is tested weekly for eColi and has consistently be found to be in the ‘very safe’ zone.)


— Kerry Bell, Fairfield