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Don’t complain about country noises, odors

By Sue Gill | May 15, 2014

To the editor:

I’ve read so many letters about the Heartland Co-op business. Some neighbors and farmers are against it. In my opinion, most of these people do not understand what an elevator really does.

I have lived in my small town of Richland for 58 years. We have had an elevator on the town square for 100 years. Growing up, I lived one block from the elevator. The corn and bean dust filled our windows. Now, I live two blocks away and it occasionally leaves dust on our cars. In the spring and fall, the farmers bring their crops to town. The tractors, wagons and semis fill the streets. This elevator updates it and keeps everything clean.

Heartland Co-op has decided to build its business in the county and close to the railway. Overland Sheepskin Company should have built its business in the city limits. If they don’t like the idea of being close to this elevator, they can leave. I won’t miss them if they move. If you live in the county, don’t complain about the noise, smells and country life.

I just read in The Fairfield Ledger that someone is interested in building homes east of Reiff Grain & Feed. Whoever builds there will probably complain about Dave Reiff’s business.

Just remember when you eat a bowl of cereal, a pizza with beef or pork on it, drink a glass of milk or an ice cream cone from the Dairy Bar or Sweet Spot, it was a farmer who supplied these foods. Thank you, farmers.


– Sue Gill, Richland


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