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Don’t turn racquetball courts into lobby

By Kevin Keating | Jan 30, 2014

To the editor:

It’s a mistake, to me, for Fairfield Parks and Recreation to turn an excellent recreational facility, the racquetball courts, into … a lobby.

Those courts were actually very busy when they were built – tournaments included.

I think the problem was the past administration’s mentality that said, “Here’s a money-maker. Let’s raise the price like that other town did.”

Thus, when the cost soared to $10 an hour for racquetball, and $15 an hour for wallyball, people couldn’t afford to come on a regular, stay-fit basis. What good does it do the taxpayers to pay for facilities which have fees higher than they can afford? And then have those facilities turned into a lobby, also at our expense?

Lower the prices. That is my suggestion. Include the $5 daily swim fee, too.

P.S. The Blue Zones Project is an excellent move!


– Kevin Keating, Fairfield

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