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Don’t forget about CAFO messes

By Marj Van Winkle, rural Brighton | Dec 21, 2017

To the editor:

I read with interest The Ledger’s front page story of Dec. 12. The county supervisors are jumping into action to clean up the mess in East Pleasant Plain. They are visiting the mess, talking to neighbors, taking pictures, and writing letters to the offending owners. They are right to come to the rescue like that. I appreciate it.

I don’t like junk, old cars, and rats either, but there are other nuisances, too. The supervisors don’t seem concerned at all about the dumpsters full of dead hogs, the unbreatheable air, the flies, and the torn-up roads that I and others experience in my neighborhood.

What about our property values? Or our health? We can’t even be out in our yard anymore. We’ve lived here 60 years. We remember when it was wonderful. My husband gets really sick with respiratory problems from all the odor.

Most of the hog CAFO-owners around us live in Winfield, Illinois and Florida, not in Jefferson County.

Twenty-one Iowa counties have decided that people shouldn’t be forced to live this way. Nine have said “no more hogs” until the Master Matrix is adequately overhauled or water impairments are reduced. Twelve more counties are calling for revisions to the Master Matrix so they have more local control. Either way would be progress.

I am respectfully asking the county supervisors to start moving toward this goal so we can have clean air and water.


- Marj Van Winkle, rural Brighton

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