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Don’t you see what’s happening?

By Jim Turner | Jun 21, 2018

To the editor:

Although it seems to be happening very quickly, the erosion of our nation’s ideals and values is happening very slowly.

There are still many opportunities to change our course before it’s too late, to return to our better selves. And renew our commitment to our most cherished beliefs. Remember when Lincoln reminded us of the better angels of our nature? When the mystic chords of memory stretching from every patriot battlefield reminded us of who we truly are?

That is where we find ourselves today. Children separated from their mothers, put in cages, crying helplessly, without any reassurance that they will see their mother’s again or even when.

Leaders of friendly nations like Canada subjected to insults and abuse.

The environment sold off, the budget deficit exploding, a nation boasting of its nuclear prowess while making corrupt bargains with dictators.

Is that who we are? A nation with a soaring stock market that only really benefits the very rich and the 1 percent while most Americans can hardly pay their bills much less medical insurance?

All this in the name of making America great again? Which is really a con man’s slogan invented to win a presidential election?

Making America great again in this way is only an illusion. A bad joke on the American people. And until we are ready and willing to face our true problems: a poisoned environment, astronomical deficit spending, and a yawning gulf between the 1 percent and the rest of our people. We can never consider ourselves a country that is “Great.”

Balanced budgets, economic justice and a unified nation abiding in a shared belief of America as always a good nation first will remind us of the better angels of our nature - so will restoring children to their mothers.

It is not a nation’s power and wealth that make it great. It is a nation’s goodness, it’s moral courage, that makes it great. Let’s truly be a great nation again before it’s too late.


- Jim Turner, Fairfield

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Posted by: Glen Joseph Peiffer | Jun 21, 2018 15:08

When Mr. Obama took over in January 2009, the total national debt stood at $10.6 trillion. That means the debt will have very nearly doubled during his eight years in office.

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