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Dumpsters in alleys unsanitary

By Chris Johnson | Sep 21, 2017

Dear Fairfield mayor and city council members:

We would like to bring to your attention the long term and worsening problem with trash dumpsters and grease containers in the downtown city alleys. As I am sure you are aware, dumpsters and grease containers are scattered throughout alleys in the entire downtown. While some businesses maintain the containers in reasonable condition, there are many that continually overflow and in some cases the grease containers are caked with grease and the surrounding pavement is caked with grease. This condition is not only aesthetically disgusting, but creates health and safety problems.

Fairfield has successfully promoted and executed significant improvements to the downtown area with beautiful landscaping and sidewalk improvements, building façade improvements, FACC, etc., but the condition of the alleys is a huge detraction from the ambience of the entire downtown. While enforcement of the city code for maintenance of the dumpsters and grease containers is an immediate baseline requirement, we strongly feel that there needs to be a comprehensive review and plan to correct this significant problem for the betterment and safety of the downtown area.

We suggest that the City of Fairfield conduct a study toward a solution to this problem and suggest the following possibilities:

1. Grease containers be maintained on the private property of the businesses using them. This could be within the specific restaurant/building or on private lots off the alleys in enclosed spaces. This would clear the alleys of grease containers.

2. Identify areas in city parking lots and lower trafficked alleys that could be used for grouped dumpsters, grease containers and recycling. This would clear the primary alleys of dumpsters.

3. Develop a downtown recycling program with locations as per No. 2 above.

While some businesses might feel inconvenienced to have to transport their trash a block or two, we are aware from our building operations that a large percentage of businesses already have to do this and do not complain about it. If a business complains that ‘it has always been this way’, that is not an excuse to maintain a disgusting and unsafe situation.

Our company currently operates 11 buildings and approximately 110,000 square feet of commercial and residential space in downtown Fairfield. We have done or are doing substantial improvements to the interior and exteriors of all of these properties and are committed to the long term success of downtown Fairfield.

The primary alleys can and should be a significant amenity to the quality of downtown Fairfield and we strongly encourage the City of Fairfield to take action to eliminate the current problem and enhance the condition and ambience of the alleys for the benefit of the businesses, residents, tourists and overall population of Fairfield.

We will be glad to participate and help in the development and implementation of this plan.


— Chris Johnson, Fairfield

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